In this audio, Patriotic Front members in Kabwe vow to stand with their member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube amidst threats of expulsion.

On Wednesday, Kabwe Central PF chairperson Andrew Sinyangwe warned that if Ngulube continued making statements against government, he would be suspended or expelled from the ruling party.

Sinyangwe was referring to Ngulube’s statements on the late delivery of farming inputs.

“The recent media statements that Honourable Ngulube has been making in the media do not have the blessing of the party. And we would like to warn the Honourable Member that if he continues to issue such statements, then we shall have to discipline him,” said Sinyangwe.

However, these threats have been met with anger by some PF members in the constituency who have vowed to stand with their area MP saying they will go wherever Ngulube will go because the PF is non existent without him in Kabwe.

Justine Kabwe ward vice chairperson Friday Msofu, said Tutwa was representing them well and he was the envy of other constituencies.

“Our MP is doing a good job. We don’t want Ba Sinyangwe. Ba Sinyangwe, please, leave our MP alone. Our MP is very progressive. In other towns they envy the hard work of our parliamentarian. We wonder why the constituency chairman is speaking against our Member of Parliament,” Msofu said.

Another member, Bridget Tembo, asked Sinyangwe to go back to the MMD as he was bringing confusion in the party.

“We want to tell President Edgar Lungu that without Tutwa Ngulube in the constituency there would be no PF. The Council almost demolished our houses in Magandanyama but our MP fought for us. Even the issue of e-vouchers that they say he was wrong to talk about; the Member of Parliament was right, the cards have not been activated and we are suffering. What are we going to feed our children? We don’t want anyone speaking ill of our MP. If they want, let them expel him from the party and they will see that we will go wherever our MP shall go,” Tembo said.

And David Ramusho ward Branch Secretary Benson Makunka wondered why the top party leadership in the constituency had branded Ngulube a trouble maker when he was speaking for the voiceless.

“Us in Kabwe we love our MP because he is a hard worker. He is like Moses who delivered the children of Israel. We are not going to condone any bad speech against our MP. On that one, we are willing to die!” exclaimed Makunka.

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Recently, Ngulube Tutwa charged that his party had failed the people in the agriculture sector as evidenced by the challenges that had characterised the e-voucher system.

He has also expressed concern on the failure by the party to adequately represent the people through fulfilling some of its campaign promises.