Irate Kafue residents who went to seek medical services at Nangongwe Out Patient Department Health Centre yesterday nearly clobbered a registry clerk who refused to attend to them because she suspected that one of the patients had stollen a memory card from her Samsung Phone.

The Clerk whose names were withheld vowed not to attend to any patient until her 8 GB memory card was found.

Several efforts by concerned witnesses to reason with her on the need to attend to patients, as the memory card had nothing to do with her duties, failed as she remained adamant.

It was at this point that the residents resolved to beat the official, but she managed to lock herself up in one of the offices.

Some patients talked to said they had been waiting to be attended to by the clerk for over three hours.

“We have been waiting for over three hours to register our particulars so that we can receive treatment but nothing seems to happening here. We tried to engage the sister in charge to register our complaints but we have been told to come on Monday. The sister said she does not work on Sunday. We don’t know what to do,” Said one of the patients.

An hour after locking herself up, the clerk opened the door after hearing people making effort to call area member of parliament Mirriam Chonya so that she could intervene in the situation.

The clerk later apologised to the patients before resuming her duties.