Party of National Unity (PNU) president Highvie Hamududu says the cholera crisis has forced President Edgar Lungu to demonstrate that painful and hard decisions can be made for the benefit of the country.

In an interview, Hamududu said President Lungu’s decision to face the crisis head-on was a trait of strong leadership.

“President Edgar Lungu must be commended for providing leadership in the face of the cholera crisis. His decision to face the crisis head on and calmness during this hard moment is a trait of strong leadership. His decision to involve the security wings to help out has gone a long way to address the emergency. The minister of health, Dr Chitafu Chilufya with his staff have equally been up to the task, exhibiting extraordinary professional skills and maintaining calmness amidst the crisis,” Hamududu observed.

“President Lungu can rest assured that our men and women in uniform have made us proud and reaffirmed our territorial security. The co-operating partners, led by UNDP Resident Representative, Janet Rogan have equally been empathetic and showed true international solidarity in our unfortunate crisis. The business community, too, are demonstrating true corporate citizenship. The understanding exhibited by the traders and vendors is highly commendable.”

Hamududu observed that political players have played a responsible part by suspending politics and giving solidarity to the crisis.

“We, political players have been responsible by suspending politics because life is more important than politics and saving lives is the very reason, we are in politics. This cholera crisis, has now brought us together as one family, because that is truly what we are. This is how it should be and hoping that after this crisis, we can now rise together across the political divide, in embarking on an urban renewal exercise to bring lasting sanity and order in our towns and cities across the country. This is in line with the aspirations in our 7th National Development plan, vision 2030 and indeed the global sustainable development goals, specifically in this case, goal number six on clean water and sanitation, number eleven on sustainable cities and communities,” said Hamududu.

“It is just time, we as Zambians, should rise to the occasion for a fresh start. A delay for a fresh start will be even more costly in the long run, so we have no option, but to do it and do it now. We encourage the government of the day to provide leadership equal to the task going forward, as demonstrated during this crisis.One lesson President Lungu has demonstrated in this crisis is that painful and hard decisions can be made that are good for country. Let this herald a new beginning for Zambia.”