Veteran politician Vernon Johnson Mwaanga says the newly unveiled Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia boards by Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga is an abomination because its blatantly promoting “One Zambia, Two Nations.”

And VJ has advised the UPND to take full advantage of the corruption being exposed in PF to provide better alternatives to people’s grievances.

In a statement to News Diggers! Monday, VJ urged President Edgar Lungu to order Mulenga to reconstitute the two boards.

“Two things have appalled me in the last 24 hours. The first one was how unbalanced the new Boards of the Times of Zambia and the Zambia Daily Mail are. I can believe that the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, can be so insensitive about the need to preserve our national motto of “One Zambia, One Nation, as appointee of these two Boards of what are supposed to be National Newspapers from two ethnic groups. I am horrified, because that would have been unthinkable during my time in that same Ministry as Minister,” VJ stated.

“How can that Minister be blatantly promoting One Zambia, Two Nations? These new Board appointments are an abomination and President Edgar Lungu should order Minister Mulenga to reconstitute these two Boards and make them more representative of Zambia.”

The Zambia Daily Mail Board is composed of the following names:
1. Godfrey Simukoko.
2.Simon Siwale.
3.Gilliam Mwaba.
4.Chanda Mulenga.
5.Nebat Mbewe.
6.Geoffrey Malama.
7.Winstone Siwale.

The Times of Zambia Board is composed of:
1. Gideon Malama.
2.Mable Mungomba.
3.Nakiwe Simpungwe.
4.Horace Longwe.
5.Bwalya Mwila.
6.Nkuswila Mbao.
7.Lydia Mpepo.
8.Bestone Ngonga.

And VJ advised UPND to take advantage of the corruption being exposed in PF to provide a better alternative to address people’s concerns.

“The second one was how much time people on this forum, spent, talking about Antonio Mwanza defection from FDD, to PF, yes you have heard me right, from FDD to PF. I will take a kinder view. people should spend time on the ground, recruiting members from other parties to UPND and growing grassroots support on the ground, particularly in areas where UPND did not do well in the last tripartite election,” stated VJ.

“With all the corruption being exposed in PF by people who are leaving that party, who occupied very senior positions, surely, UPND should take full advantage of this fertile ground to show the people of Zambia that they will provide a better alternative which will address the concerns. Let us keep our eyes on the bigger picture. I rest my case.”