Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda has warned that National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili will soon regret his foul mouthed politics which he “childishly continues to display”.

And Chanda says Kambwili should not blame President Edgar Lungu for the criminal charges against him because the Head of State was not with him when he allegedly committed them.

In a statement yesterday, Chanda noted that Kambwili who is also Roan PF member of parliament had crossed the line of decency in politics and warned that the ruling party would compensate him in the manner he was asking.

“Chishimba Kambwili should not politicise his criminal charges because President Lungu was not their when he allegedly committed them. Let him have his day in court. Kambwili wants to blackmail the State institutions by casting all sorts of aspersions about them. He is so paranoid that he believes State institutions want him killed through poisoning. Does Kambwili think of the implications of his statements before uttering them? Those who care about him more than he does for himself must ask him to be careful what he wishes for. He must not draw institutions of the State into his “race to the bottom” as these are above partisan agendas,” Chanda stated.

“Kambwili’s foul mouthed politics, full of insults and inflammatory remarks targeted at President Edgar Lungu are totally unacceptable. These must not be tolerated in present day Zambia. Kambwili will soon regret his foul mouthed politics which he childishly continues to display. He has crossed the line of decency in politics and he can be assured that he will be compensated in the manner he is asking for.”

Chanda stated that the ruling party could not standby and allow Kambwili abuse President Lungu in the name of freedom of speech.

“Kambwili is attempting to chew what he knows he cannot manage to swallow. He has crossed boundaries of decency in politics. In Bemba they say “Umwana ekekalisha nga anya” (a child settles down when he answers the call of nature) and we see that happening to him not in a very distant future. President Lungu was elected to office by Zambians across the divide and deserves to be respected. We shall not sit by and allow him to insult the Head of State. Kambwili sadly mistakes the President’s meekness and tolerance levels for weakness. When members of the public defend the President from Kambwili’s stone-age politics, he must not cry victim because he is asking for it,” he stated.

Chanda charged that Kamwbili was a danger not only to society but more so to himself.

“Kambwili is an alarmist who lied that State House wanted him to be arrested without bond and later poisoned, although he would not die. What kind of stupor is this? He went ahead of time, saw himself being poisoned and later surviving it all? This is what foolishness can do especially when it means bitterness. It is getting clear everyday that Kambwili has no capacity to discuss substantive issues. He’s a careless loose canon who opens his mouth and puts his foot into it. Either he respects the President or members of the public shall compel him to. Clearly, Kambwili is a danger not only to society but more so to himself,” stated Chanda.

“Kambwili’s ignorance of the law is sickening. In his recorded statement to the media, he is admitting to the offences he’s been charged with. Furthermore, he fails to differentiate a criminal matter from a civil one. He must know better that for a criminal offence such as the charges he’s facing, there is no need for his son to be a complainant. As a matter of fact, we must advise him not to use his son as a ‘human shield’ because that’s irresponsible and immoral. He knows that the charges he’s been given are criminal in nature and not civil. His son can only come in as a witness and not a complainant. Who wants to put his son at the centre of controversy like this, anyway? He must be told that in a criminal case, complainant is the State, it is ‘The People vs Chishimba Kambwili’. So when Kambwili parades his ignorance in the manner he is doing, society must get concerned that this man was in fact once a Cabinet minister,” stated Chanda.