Zambia is this year set to hold the first ever Arts and Cultural exhibition in Israel to expose the country’s cultural heritage and promote exchange of cultural activities between the two countries.

According to a statement yesterday, Tourism and Arts Public Relations Officer Sakabilo Kalembwe announced that the event was slated to run from February to May, 2018 and Zambia would showcase 41 paintings from 13 artists which had already been delivered to Israel.

Kalembwe stated that the event which was organised by National Arts Council, Zambia Embassy in the city of Tel Aviv and the Magen David Zambia Israel Initiative, would allow Zambian artists of different ages and background present their life experiences.

“The exhibition is planned for the prestigious African Studies Gallery on 46 Rothschild’s Street in the Israeli Capital. Ideally, the event in Israel will allow Zambian artists of different ages and background to present their life experiences and hope and is a key to elevating fruitful and better relations among the people of both countries,” Kalembwe stated.

Kalembwe further stated that the exhibition would create an opportunity for elevating fruitful and better relations between the people of Zambia and Israel.

“It is therefore an opportunity to familiarize the Israeli public with the culture of Zambia thereby strengthening tourism, culture and business relations between Zambia and Israel whilst exposing Zambia’s rich talent in art. The exhibition is expected to attract the Corporate World, Embassies, Academia and High Level Officials from Zambia and the State of Israel. As with art comes appetite for tourism and for business opportunities, the exhibition is also an opportunity to promote Zambia’s tourism potential,” stated Kalembwe.