Chama district FDD chairperson Yotam Mtayachalo says it is disgusting for the PF to start campaigning for 2021 general elections three years ahead of time.

Mtayachalo said looking at the rate at which ministers and government officials were campaigning, one was left to wonder whether the elections would be held in 2021 or earlier.

“It is very disgusting that the PF has set in motion premature campaigns for the 2021 general elections when we still have three and half years before the next election. Ministers and party officials are busy going around the country campaigning for President Lungu instead of focusing on fulfilling their campaign promises. It is important for the PF government to come out clean on this matter.They should to tell the nation if elections will not be held in 2021 but will be brought forward going by these premature campaigns so that the opposition can also start campaigning in order to level the playing field,” Mtayachalo said.

He said PF risked shooting itself in the foot adding that the opposition would not sit and watch helplessly whilst being denied the right to hold meetings.

“Further, about four ministers are in Luapula province pretending to be inspecting government projects when there are actually campaigning using public resources. This country has serious economical, social and political challenges and therefore the people of Zambia expects this government to get to work instead of preoccupying themselves with 2021 elections which is unacceptable. ZNBC is being abused by PF because on almost daily basis we are seeing ministers and senior party officials receiving political nomads(Defectors) who are always in search of greener pasture.This is not the right time to start these campaigns. The ruling party risks shooting itself in the foot because the opposition shall not sit akimbo and watch helplessly while is campaigning and deny the opposition the right to hold meetings,” said Mtayachalo.