The Public Service Management Division has announced an upward adjustment for the funeral benefit entitlement for all public service employees’ children with effect January1, 2018.

According to a statement issued by Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Ackim Sakala on 30th January 2018, the lowest benefit rates have been adjusted from K1, 800 to K5, 000 while the highest rates have been adjusted from K5, 000 to K7, 000.

And Sakala stated that the division has increased age coverage for the benefits from 21 to 25 years under all benefit categories.

“This serves to inform all public service employees that the funeral benefit entitlement for children has been revised based on actual assessment that was undertaken. The following improvements have been made to the funeral benefit entitlement for children; (i) for division employees K5, 000 to K7, 000; (ii) for division II employees K3, 000 to K6, 000, and (iii) division III employees 1, 800 to K5, 000. The age of coverage for children has been adjusted from 21 to 25 years under all benefit categories on the scheme subject to the provision of proof that the affected child was still going to school. The revisions to the benefit structure are with effect from 1st January 2018,” stated Sakala.

“Kindly be advised that further improvements to the benefits package (if any) will be communicated once the actuarial assessment is concluded with regards to the inclusion of parents. This could not be done immediately as there are cost implications that may impact on the contribution rates and would then require discussions with the unions. Addresses are urged to ensure that the contents of his circular are brought to the attention of all employees in the ministries, provinces and Spending Agencies.”