Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila claims NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu to plead for forgiveness so that he can be reinstated in the ruling party.

Meanwhile, Central Province PF Chairperson Mutale Chanda says the party will not allow anyone to insult and demean President Lungu the with impunity.

According to statement issued by PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza on Monday, Mwila was speaking when he officially launched the PF’s mobilisation exercise for Central Province in Kapiri Mposhi.

Mwila warned that NDC members who are following Kambwili would soon become orphans with no leader.

“I want to tell all those in NDC that Chishimba Kambwili whom they think is their leader has actually been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu pleading for forgiveness from the President. He has been begging the President to forgive him and to reinstate him back in the party. This has been going on for sometime now, it is just that unlike him, we are mature enough so we couldn’t expose him but he is unrepentant that is why I have decided to expose him today. So all you members of NDC who are following Kambwili you will soon find outside as orphans with no leader,” Mwila said.

Mwila said PF would only forgive Kambwili if he climbed and apologised from an ant hill in the same manner he had been insulting the President.

And Mwila declared 2018 a year of party mobilization and warned that the PF would not allow non-performing officials to continue holding on to party positions.

“This year 2018 is a year for us to start mobilizing the Party. We have to change the way we do things. And all of us who are holding party positions must show commitment. Inchito twaingilamo (the job we are doing) is about sacrifice. All of us here with the exception of myself, MPs, Mayors, Councillors and Council Chairpersons are volunteers; no one gets paid. So it’s not an easy job because you have to leave your work, your business to come here and work for the party,” said Mwila.

“This year we shall not allow passengers to continue holding party positions. Some of you have been around as chairmen, chair ladies, youth chairpersons buy you have not even held a single meeting from the time you took office. Most party wings are dormant. You are waiting for the chairpersons to call for meetings. You must be holding your own meetings as long as you get permission from the chairmen. We will not allow that kind of approach this year.”

Meanwhile, speaking at the same function, PF Central Province Chairperson, who is also Member of Parliament for Chitambo constituency, Chanda warned that the party in the province would not allow anyone to insult and demean the Head of State with impunity.

“As Central Province with my youths here we won’t allow anyone to be insulting the president, especially the Presidency. It is not about how a person looks, it’s about the Presidency as an institution. As Central Province we are saying that those who are insulting the Presidency, let them attempt to come to Central Province and insult the President, that’s when they will know that kwaliba ubuteko bwa mpili-mpili (that’s when they will know that there is a leadership of chili in Central Province),” warned Mutale.

He challenged party members to choose which party they wanted to belong to other than double-dealing.

Mutale said would not hesitate to execute the SG’s directive to discipline any member of the party in the province who was not loyal to the party.

The launch was attended by PF leaders from all the 11 districts and 14 constituencies of Central Province including Members of the Central Committee as well as Members of Parliament such as Davies Chisopa of Mkushi South, Tutwa Ngulube of Kabwe Central and Sydney Mushanga among others.

Mwila is expected to be in Eastern Province next week to officially launch the mobilisation exercise there.