Police in Kitwe have arrested a 37-year-old man of Chimwemwe for calling President Edgar Lungu “wamafi fye”.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the suspect was arrested after a PF cadre reported him to the police.

She identified the suspect as Jackson Mapanzi of house number 1909 Kamitondo in Kitwe.

“We are holding a 37-year-old man of Kitwe for defamation of the President. We received a report from Karen Kananga, a PF cadre who said that Jackson Mapanzi of house number 1909 Kamitondo in Kitwe uttered disparaging remarks against the President with ridicule saying that President Lungu ‘wamafi fye’ meaning feaces and many more unparatables which was defamation of the President,” Katanga said.

She said this happened during a burial procession at the Chingola road cemetery.

“So this happened at the graveyard on Chingola road cemetery yesterday (Wednesday) around 13:30 hours. We wish to warn members of the public that we are not going to allow lawlessness in the country and the use of insulting language on the President.”

Katanga said the freedom of expression and speech should not be abused.

“The freedom of expression and freedom of speech is there but members of the public, citizens have the responsibility to respect the republican President at all cost and the police will not sit back but ensure that the full course of justice is taken,” said Katanga.