Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has hit back at NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, saying the expelled Roan PF member of parliament is a disgruntled loose cannon masquerading as a consultant, who doesn’t understand government structures, appointments and operations.

Kambwili who is at political loggerheads with Lusambo has never had kind words for the Copperbelt official since his appointment.

In a statement shared on his Facebook Page, Lusambo who is also Kabushi PF member of Parliament said Kambwili exposed his ignorance and buffoonery when questioned the presence of Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe at a PF fundraising dinner dance.

“Zambia has over the years seen a number of individuals abuse the title of consultants. We first had a stingy, self centred and egoistic conman who called himself a privatisation consultant, and we now have a very confused and bitter fallen politician who now parades himself as a Political Consultant. What is true however is that these two gentlemen are not worthy to be called consultants in any given field,” Lusambo said.

“For Mr [Hakainde] Hichilema, he came on the scene to take advantage of the privatisation spree to enrich himself. For Mr Chishimba Kambwili, he is just a loose cannon masquerading as a consultant for a nonexistent political grouping.
How does one explain the fact that this so called consultant does not even know that Mr Bright Nundwe is the Permanent Secretary of the Copperbelt? He calls himself a Consultant and goes to address a press conference in his bed room the other day and he embarrassed himself by expressing total ignorance on government structures, appointments and operations.”

Lusambo said Nundwe was expected to be present at every event officiated by the President in the Province.

“Just to help with some education for the confused consultant, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the great leader of this great nation appointed Mr Nundwe as Copperbelt Permanent Secretary on December 26th 2017 from Muchinga where he served in the same capacity. Now for someone to call himself a political consultant and yet he fails to know who the Permanent Secretary for Copperbelt, that is a true mark of confusion and buffoonery. Mr. Kambwili also questioned the presence of Mr Nundwe at a very successful PF fundraising dinner dance, Mr Kambwili should know that it is imperative and procedural that the PS is present wherever the President is as the host. This is the level of ignorance that Zambians should reject from some of these people positioning themselves for leadership,” charged Lusambo.

“Now that President Lungu has announced that he will spend most of his time inspecting developmental projects within the country, opposition politicians are even more confused because their greatest weapon used to scandalise President Lungu was foreign trips. Now that he has vowed to visit every constituency in every part of Zambia, the opposition politicians are running around like headless chickens. In fact Zambians should totally ignore such people because they do not mean well. Zambians are looking for credible leadership which President Lungu is now firmly providing.”