Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo says PF is a government of bootlickers where ministers are in a bootlicking competition.

Speaking on Hot FM’s the Hot Seat yesterday, Tembo said the PF had a bootlicking completion for those who wanted to keep their jobs.

“The trouble with the current set of the government is that instead of getting the most competent people in our society, the PF government prefers to hire people based on who is the best bootlicker. There is even a competition and I believe Honourable Bowman Lusambo is the current reigning champion of the best bootlicker. Based on his confession that he is a bootlicker to the President, so what is the basis on which people are appointed?” Tembo asked.

“If you appoint people on how long their tongue is and be able to lick people’s boots then we are not going to have competent people. This country is blessed with a lot of capable people but those are not in positions of decision making, instead it is the bootlickers that are in positions of decision making. That is why we are on this downward spiral because we choose officials to various decision making positions based on how long their tongue is. So that they can be able to lick the boot as much as possible, that is the number 1 problem that we have.”

And Tembo said his party disagreed with the Electoral Process Act.

“As a party as Patriots for Economic Progress, we disagree with a lot of provisions of the Electoral Process Act. If you remember the history of this act, this act was passed very close to the 2016 January elections, it was passed in a hurry there wasn’t adequate time for us to be able to debate this act. There are a lot of provisions in that act. That act basically encourages obscurity when we look at the electoral process and what we are saying is that the electoral process must be transparent, so that we can be able to review it and make sure that everything is done in order,” said Tembo.