Felix Mutati-led MMD national secretary Raphael Nakacinda says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili is a dishonest politician without any clear agenda apart from insulting President Edgar Lungu who fired him from government.

Last month, President Lungu relegated Mutati from the position of Finance Minister to the position of Works and Supply, replacing him with Margaret Mwanakatwe who was in charge of Commerce.

Commenting on the development, Kambwili blamed the removal of Mutati on Nakacinda who had earlier said on national television that his party was capable of beating PF in an election. He said Nakacinda’s comments influenced President Lungu’s decision.

But speaking in an indoor meeting in Nakonde, Nakacinda hit back at Kambwili, saying the former Chief Government spokesperson was not normal and advised him to concentrate on his health.

“When you hear that Kambwili has come here. He wants to start insulting. He insults anyone starting with the President. That behaviour is not for Zambians. I think that’s a sickness. That person was Chief Government Spokesperson. He was defending everything (done by government) until President Lungu saw that this person is not normal and he was fired,” Nakacinda said.

“After he was fired, he went and changed and he insults each and every day. And he wants to use MMD to insult the PF, what did we do to him? Let him just stay there with his problems. He should just be injecting himself [with insulin] because of that diabetes he has. He shouldn’t try to use MMD to his advantage.”

He urged Zambians not to pay attention to Kambwili.

“So don’t pay attention to him, he insults us during the day then he later comes to make peace with us so we can work together. Such people are not honest, Kambwili is not honest. After he was fired he started insulting the PF which led to his expulsion from the party. An honest person, after being fired would have gone back to Roan to stand under NDC. But now he has one leg is in PF and the other is in NDC and he calls himself a consultant, is there anything like that? wondered Nakacinda.”

“If he was an honest guy he would have let go of the constituency. But the reason why he is pretending is because he is a hypocrite. He is not telling the truth. MMD should not be hoodwinked by his insults. Let us hold on to the One Zambia One Nation slogan. Those that want to bring division in Zambia through tribalism and those that want to bring politics of insults like Kambwili, we have to reject them.”