Dwindling public confidence in police officers worries IG

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has urged police officers to strive hard in creating a rapport and partnership with members of the public to help build the dwindling confidence from members of society.

And Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has reiterated his call for enhanced discipline and professionalism amongst the men and women in uniform, as they endeavour to protect constitutional order and national security.

Speaking during the Zambia Police Day yesterday, Kanganja hoped the public would appreciate the service that the police offer.

“It is envisaged that by conducting events such as this one, members of the public have an opportunity to have insight on police operations and activities, some of which are done behind the scenes. Our ultimate goal is make members of the public friends of the Zambia police service. This entails that we provide a service and members of the society are our clients and partners and partners in the fight against crime,” said Kanganja.

“Our future plans are that all police stations and posts across the country commemorate this day at respective formations so that members of the public in the neighbourhood can have easy access to information during this day. By doing so, we will be reaching out to many people, unlike the current situation where the event is centralised by staging it at one place. Lastly, I wish to urge all police officers to put in more effort by creating rapport and partnership with the members of the society for the betterment of our nation through sensitisation and good service delivery. This will help build the dwindling confidence in members of the public.”

And Kampyongo observed that the fundamental reason why the bar of responsibility for the Zambia police was set so high was because of the dignified nature of their work.

“The theme for this year’s police day ‘police and the community – working together in preventing and combating crime and creating a free and clean environment’ is indeed a loaded one and it evokes a lot of expectations from members of the public who are our stakeholders, and as such, are interested in the work of the Zambia police service. This mainly is owing to the fact that men and women in uniform are constitutionally given considerable authority to act on behalf of the state and ensure that our country is safer and secure,” he said.

Kampyongo reminded the officers that they had a huge responsibility in upholding human rights.

“That is besides the obligation you have to uphold human rights in the discharge of your duties. It is for the above reason that I wish to urge you Inspector General of police to ensure that even in our quest to protect constitutional order and national security, discipline and professionalism must be enhanced in the service. This is the fundamental reason why the bar of responsibility is set so high and also calls for the effective functioning of the Zambia Police Service,” Kampyongo said.

And Kampyongo assured the Zambia police command of continued support from the government by improving the welfare of officers through construction of decent housing units and office accommodation.

“You will all agree with me that besides having good policing strategies, such as community policing, members of the public demand for efficiency and professional conduct from our men and women in uniform. That said, I know that the police command is equal to the task and is working on these issues. As Minister of Home Affairs, I know better than anyone else the work which our dear officers do,” said Kampyongo.

“I am aware that the work you do entails great risks, yet you are ever ready to respond to difficulty and unexpected crime situations at any time of the day and night, demonstrating courage, determination and selflessness. Truly you stand out as our heroes. It is for this reason that today being a special day for the men and women in uniform, I wish to assure you of continued support from the government by improving your welfare through construction of decent housing units and office accommodation.”


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