Kasama PF member of parliament Kelvin Sampa has asked Radio Mano to apologize to President Edgar Lungu over a Facebook posting which the law maker says is an insult to the Head of State.

During his address on national values, Friday, the Head of State joked that taking two shots at a members’ club was not what he was referring to as alcohol abuse.

“Alcohol and substance abuse is an area of great concern affecting the moral standards of our people. We are aware that when the youth are not involved in any productive activity, they tend to resort to alcohol abuse and other vices. Government is, therefore, making progress in strengthening the enforcement of the relevant laws and regulations to curb this vice. Obviously two shots at the members’ club is different from the ones I am talking about,” joked President Lungu.

But the Radio Mano ‘Fun’ Club posted the following story on their page:

“Zambia’s imposter president Edgar Lungu has announced that drinking two shots of beer in a night club is not bad but that only the young ones must reduce on alcohol intake.

Lungu told Parliament today that he sees nothing wrong in one taking two tots or shots of beer in a night club but that this must be done responsibly.

In 2015, Edgar Lungu spent 17 million Kwacha drinking and dancing in night clubs, New York when he went for a meeting there.”

Although the story was not published on Radio Mano’s official page, Sampa demanded that the radio station apologise for the posting saying that he could not allow them to insult the Head of State, in an audio statement yesterday.

“I wish to add my disappointment with an article that was released on a Facebook page of Radio Mano, a community radio station in my constituency Kasama central, regarding our President and the demeaning of our President on his address to the National Assembly and to the nation last week on Friday. First and for most, the statement that was issued by Radio Mano is a false statement depicting about abuse of alcohol or alcohol abuse by young people and the nation at large. The President never ever echoed such a sentiment like what was published on the Facebook page of Radio Mano. I expect Radio Mano to apologise unreservedly to the nation and to the Republican President because we ought to respect the Head of State. One thing that people must realise is that the President is an institution. He is not an individual as the way you may perceive him,” said Sampa.

“In the past people would have taken advantage and joked about him, but as at now he is holding the instruments of power and people must respect him as an institution and not as a person. So, for Radio Mano, I’m urging them to apologise to the nation. To apologise even to the President His Excellency unreservedly. Or else I as member of parliament where this community Radio Station is housed, I will take punitive measures against this radio station. One thing they must realise is that I am part and parcel of government. And if somebody is going to insult my president, it is as good as insulting me myself as well. So, for Radio Mano I am urging you, take hid of what I am saying, apologise.”

Radio Mano ‘Fun’ Club page has since taken down the story claiming that it was posted by unknown people at an internet cafè when the admins forgot to log out.

“As Radio Mano Fun Club. We apologize for the In convince caused On the post posted on our Republican President His Excellence E.C.Lungu. We left the the account signed in an internet cafe. We really apologize,” read the statement on the page.