Nevers Mumba says he is still an active politician and has not surrendered his MMD faction to anyone.

And Mumba says the PF government is making the lifestyle of Zambians unsustainable because of the introduction of more social schemes meant to tax people.

Mumba recently appeared on the national broadcaster, preaching under his Victory Ministries International, a move that excited the Felix Mutati-led MMD faction.

Featuring on Radio, Tuesday, Nakacinda said Zambians should celebrate God’s decision to recall Mumba from politics back to the pulpit.

But in an interview with News Diggers! Mumba said he was still an active politician but also an active Pastor at Victory Ministries.

He explained that he had been preaching at the Church for a long time, despite engaging in politics, adding that ‘people’ only got excited because ZNBC broadcasted his recent evangelism.

“You know I have not been doing any interviews for many reasons. I have never ever mentioned that I’m no longer MMD president. You know that. And next month we are waiting for the ruling from the constitutional court on those who mascaraed as Party officials,” Mumba explained.

“Then, The Church has always been in me so I preach every Sunday. There is no difference except that this time everyone saw me on ZNBC that’s why they are excited but I have always done that so.”

And Mumba said the Health Insurance bill when enacted, coupled with the Withholding tax policy, will devastate citizens.

He said the move imply that the Patriotic Front government was not concerned about the sufferings of the poor people.

“I think the challenge they face is that first of all, it contradicts with their campaign promises and the commitment they made to the Zambia people that coming into government PF would lower taxes. They have done the opposite which has the implications of losing trust. Secondly there is no country that has dealt with poverty and improved the economy by over taxing its citizens. So, the route that they have taken is unsustainable and does not add any value in improving our economy,” said Mumba.

“The lifestyle of Zambians is unsustainable. Taxes are not the answer to healing the economy. But the creation of jobs and to ensure that our people have disposable income and not all the incomer to be taxed. So we are on the wrong path in that regard and I hope government can quickly realize and go back to fulfilling their promises that they made to the Zambian people. This National Health Insurance bill coupled with the Withholding tax will make life unbearable.”