United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Stephen Katuka says the impeachment motion has sent serious shivers to the PF camp following the ruling by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala that there were no irregularities so far in the opposition party’s pursuit to remove President Edgar Lungu from power.

And Katuka says allegations that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema paid some members of parliament to vote for the motion is foolish.

In an interview with news Diggers! Thursday, Katuka said the PF camp has lost sleep over the motion.

“I think we have been reading a lot on social media and there is no smoke without fire. We know that it has kept them of their toes for a long time, ever since the motion was moved. There is a lot of talk about it, both in the print and electronic media. It has sent more shivers in their camp. So, they are not sleeping and for sure there is no doubt that there must have been a hand that is telling the speaker not to accept the motion. But well, it in their hands, the ball is in their court. If they say there in no time frame it cannot go in perpetuity,” Katuka said.

He said Parliament would eventually table the motion and that Zambians will then see the kind of Person President Edgar Lungu is.

“Parliament adjourned but there is still a parliament coming. So, for us we will wait and see what is going to happen when the next sitting of parliament comes. If nothing happens because they agreed that there is no flaw in the legality of the motion, meaning it must be tabled on the floor of the House. It cannot stay forever because the letter says they were still studying the motion. So how long can it take them to study? I believe in the next sitting of parliament they would have completely studied and made a decision. So, they will have to table that motion on the floor of the house eventually,” he said.

And Katuka said allegations that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema paid some members of parliament to vote for the motion was foolish.

“Taking advantage of this, we heard somebody who is saying no, HH has been paying opposition members $1 million to vote in favor of the motion. You see that is a very foolish way of thinking. Because the current law, if President Edgar Lungu is in impeached who takes over, it’s the vice President. So, would Hakainde be so foolish to spend close to $50 million, not even Kwacha, to make Inonge Wina the President of the country? What would be his benefit? Even that donor if there is any donor in South Africa, would any donor honestly spend that kind of money when he knows that the person he is supporting will have no benefit? It doesn’t make sense.

“But even a million dollars is a lot of money for you and me. A lot, it would completely change your life for next ten to twenty year. But can you get a million Dollars and give it to one MP? And eventually even if the motion passed, you will have no benefit yourself. How generous would anybody be? Even if Hakainde had the money definitely he can’t be so reckless. After all he is a finance man, he can’t spend money like that he understands what money is. So that is very cheap, childish, foolish and irresponsible propaganda.”