Alliance for Community Action Laura Miti says the panic being exhibited by some of President Edgar Lungu’s confidants on the possibility of tabling the impeachment motion proves that some PF members of parliament will support it.

In a statement shared on her Facebook page yesterday, Miti stated that it was good to know that some people in the PF were worried about the runaway train Zambia had become under President Edgar Lungu.

“The panic which the possibility of the impeachment motion being tabled in Parliament elicited among President Lungu’s inner team, suggests they had intelligence that some PF members would support it. Very enlightening, the displayed fear. It is good to know that some people in PF are worried about the runaway train Zambia is, under Edgar Lungu. History has shown that without some people inside a rogue establishment choosing to stand up for what their consciences tell them is right, it is that much tougher to defeat a clique of powerful people placing their own interests ahead of the collective good,” Miti stated.

Miti also called law enforcers and other agencies to help citizens fight the PF leadership.

“In South Africa, the final push against Zuma’s corrupt regime begun when Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jonas, revealed that, at a meeting, the Guptas had offered him R600,000 cash, to be carried away in a bag, plus R600 million to be deposited in an account of his choice. All he had to do was accept to be appointed Minister of Finance (to replace one they did not like) and then do their bidding when in that office. Jonas declined the offer and reported it. How that provided the first firm evidence of the state capture that led to Zuma’s fall, we all know about,” stated Miti.

“So this is to PF insiders – a good number of you did not sign up to hurt the country the way the Lungu administration is doing. That is not why you joined politics. Some if you are in law enforcement, the civil service, the judiciary. Surely, this, that we are living is not what you want. Like many watching helplessly from the outside, you remember and wish for our saner history. This is to suggest to you that you can quietly do right by Zambia, everyday! It does not have to be as brave a move as Jonas’. Every small choice that remembers the Zambian poor who are bearing the brunt of the selfish recklessness of this administration, helps. She is the only one we have, this Zambia.”