Newly appointed Zambian Ambassador to France Dr Christine Kaseba Sata says by implementing best agriculture practices, Zambia has potential to become Africa’s bread basket.

Speaking to journalists after being sworn-in at State House, Monday, Dr Kaseba, who is former first lady, observed that despite its weather conditions, France produced cereal products which it exported to other European countries.

She said applying those strategies would help Zambia become a bread basket on the continent.

“We can learn quite a lot in agriculture, one of their premium produce is cereal including maize. So what are they doing to be able to supply to the whole of Europe? What can we pick up from what they are doing to ensure that Zambia can also become a bread basket for the African continent?” said Dr Kaseba.

And during the ceremony, President Edgar Lungu said he had no doubt that Dr Kaseba was right for the job.

“You have vast experience as a health practitioner for over 30 years; you have worked as a consultant as well as lecturer. Your skills have seen you do a lot of work for the United Nations and other agencies in Zambia and abroad. Zambia has a lot to benefit from France in various areas of human endeavour. I have no doubt that you are the right person to facilitate this and further enhance the bilateral relations between Zambia and France,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, in an interview, former vice-president Nevers Mumba congratulated Dr Kaseba on her appointment, urging her to represent the country effectively.

“I wish to congratulate her and pray that she is going to serve the country effectively and with diligence,” said Mumba.