UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says there is nowhere in the constitutional provisions of Zambia where a secretary general of the ruling political party becomes number three in government.

Speaking in an interview with News Diggers! Wednesday, Hichilema said PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s statement that he is third in government is proof that he has access to public resources.

He reminded Mwila that he would one day account for the illegal State power he has assumed.

“Confusion of this nature only obtains in a party that has absolutely no vision, a party that has destroyed everything. If Davies Mwila believes [that] he is number three in PF, that is for the PF to deal with. He can’t say he is number three in the government of Zambia. He is nothing in the government of Zambia. He is actually zero, if anything, he is negative. There is nowhere in the constitutional provisions of our country where a secretary general of a party like PF becomes number three in government. He has no room, no position constitutionally or by any other law, that isn’t given,” Hichilema said.

“The only reason [why] he claims to be number three in government is because Mr Lungu and his band of crooks and corrupt people are actually on top stealing money and Davies is confirming that they are stealing government money together. Maybe he is number three at stealing tax payers’ money from the owners of the money, into PF. And that is the money they are using to buy cars to give people across the country. That is the money that they are stealing from fire tenders, that is the money that they are stealing from all the corruption that we see even on the purchase of ambulances and of course the Ndola-Lusaka [dual carriageway] road. This [is] conformation of the corruption in the PF. Davies Mwila has brought it to the surface that the whole PF is corrupt, that PF party members are able to now have access to resources of government, resources of the people of Zambia.”

Hichilema warned that Mwila would be made to account for usurping State power.

“The only argument here is basically that we don’t want them to steal tax payers’ money, which they are confirming that they are stealing. And I think this is more evidential information that is coming from Davies Mwila. And somebody needs to tell Davies Mwila that he will account for this money someday. He will account for this so-called power he is assuming, which is illegal. The whole PF is a party of illegalities. This is what Zambians must open their eyes to. And you know when people steal too much, they become careless. We don’t even need informers these days, we get information directly from the PF crooks, PF corrupt people as Davies Mwila has demonstrated.”

He accused PF of destroying the three arms of government due to its alleged lack of capacity.

“There is no system in PF. PF is synonymous with confusion, PF is synonymous with corruption. In the PF, it’s ‘chipante-pante’ only; there is no order, there is no sequence, there is nothing. PF [is] basically the clueless group of people who are trying to run a government superintending over the affairs of the country, very serious issues that they are supposed to superintend on, but they have no capacity,” he charged.

“So that is why you see confusion everywhere. They have destroyed the Judiciary; they have destroyed Parliament; they have already ten times over destroyed the Executive. There is nothing that they are doing. And it is up to the people of Zambia who own this country to say ‘let us come together, let us unite, to get rid of this band of corruption, power-hungry chaps who are completely clueless’. You can’t allow a team, a band of people who are so greedy and yet they have access to state resources because they will finish everything and then that is why the children and men have no jobs, they have no school, women have no trading places to feed their children.”

And Hichilema appealed to late Sata’s supporters to realise that there was nothing left for them as the party had been taken over by MMD.

“And Zambians must quickly come to a point where they can say ‘we cannot continue with this band of people.’ Otherwise, there will be nothing left, nothing to retrieve for this country. Even those who at one point may have had support for PF, they need to withdraw their support because they are only assisting people like Davies Mwila, Jean Kapata, Lungu himself, Kaizer Zulu to steal when they are suffering,” said Hichilema.

“They who voted for them have got nothing. They were cheated that Hakainde will chase you from the markets, who has chased them from the markets? It’s the PF, it’s Davies Mwila, it’s Lungu, it’s Kapata. Dora Siliya used to insult Sata every day, she used to says that he had no brain. Today, they are ministers in what Sata suffered for. I urge the people who are truly Mr Sata’s supporters that there is nothing for them in PF. PF has been taken over by the MMD in the name of Dora Siliya, in the name of Mwale, in the name of all these corrupt individuals who are hanging around controlling PF.”