United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians are tired of lies from the ruling Patriotic Front government.

Addressing his supporters at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola, Monday, Hichilema said lies from the PF had caused division, hunger and under-development.

“Insala eko ili (there is hunger indeed). Mumayanda, Zambia yonse. (In houses, the whole Zambia.) We are hungry, we are not working, our children are not working. Abana tabaleya kumasukulu, nga bapwisha amasukulu, tabakwata inchito. (Children are not going to school and when they finish school, there is no employment for them.) PF lied to us. Bali tubepa, ati muka kwata inchito, incito tamwakwata. (They lied that you are going to have jobs, but there is nothing.) Mukakwata ulupiya, ulupiya tamwakwata. (They said you will have more money, but you have no money). The point I am making is that PF lied to us about UPND and about HH. Now we know. They lied to us that we will remove marketeers, but it is them who have done it,” Hichilema said.

He said UPND had a duty to better the lives of youths and women so that they were not hunger stricken.

“Our duty is to provide more training spaces for our mothers, for our youth, so that they are not dying of hunger as it is now. Yet they are already dying of cholera. So, ba PF ba bufi. (So, the PF are liars) Mukwai, ubufi waba PF twanaka nabo. (But we are tired of the lies from the PF) Twachula pafula mukwai tubombele chapamo. (We are tired, it’s too much now. Let us work together). Because PF has been dividing our people. And now these divisions have brought us nothing other than hunger, unemployment and poverty,” Hichilema said.

And the UPND leader boasted that the PF was “easy to deal with” now because they had become nonentities.

“We have never seen Zambia going into such problems since independence. This is the worst ever. The worst that has ever transpired. Transferring civil servants here and there, wife is in Ndola, husband in Mpika, as though you have a government that has no files. This is unacceptable, but the power lies with you. It is in you. Now that we have realized that we were cheated, let’s unite. Twanaka no ubupina. (We are tired of poverty) I know you are working in Mufulira and thank you for the efforts. And mwitina iyo. (Don’t be afraid). The problem with us is that tuletina. Ba PF banono sana nomba. (The PF are now nobodies). I came from Western Province where I saw that they are strong people. Let’s us also be strong here, let’s work together and move forward. After all, we are a Christian country. Why do we segregate ourselves? When it comes to politics, you want us to be separated? Why? That is a lie,” said Hichilema.