Imwe ba Anti-Corruption Commission mulifipuba, echo mupokela ama instructions kubantu abashasambilila nga Kaizer Zulu, says National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kabwili says PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s excitement over “dubiously-won” local government by-elections proves he is a fool who rejoices in corruption.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says Zambians had nothing to celebrate on this year’s Labour Day commemorations because they did not get any returns from the ongoing projects around the country.

Speaking during a press briefing at the NDC secretariat in Lusaka, Tuesday, Kambwili warned the ACC to stop harassing his family and focus on investigating the real thieves in President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

“And imwe (you), leave my children out of this fight. Come and fight with me, leave Mwamba out if this, he is an innocent child. Some of you have even failed to take your children to school. That boy you are troubling has got a Master’s Degree in law. So leave my children, they are professionals. Kasambilishenifye abana benu, not ifibana fyenu ifyaisula mu Chawama umu finwafye ama bwalwa (just take your children to school. Those children of yours who are just compounded in Chawama Township abusing alcohol). Stop disturbing my children. I give my child money to go and deposit in the bank but you arrest him and charge him with being in possession of money suspected to be proceeds of crime and you charge me too with the same crime. Kwena ba anti corruption, naimwe bene mulifipuba (surely you people at the Anti-Corruption, you just a bunch of fools). Mulifipuba ba Anti-Corruption imwe, because if I were you, I would ask even if I were under instructions, I would say ‘but we have charged the father with the same offence and again we want to charge the son with the offence and same amount of money’,” Kambwili said.

He promised to deal with the ACC and control its stupidity once he formed government.

“Ubupuba ndemona muli imwe ba Anti-Corruption Commission, tukesa mipasa ngatwaisa mu office (this kind of stupidity I am seeing in the Anti-Corruption Commission, we will come and disperse you when we come into power). You even boast saying ‘we are under instructions’. So you mean you can’t challenge your bosses ati aya ama instructions muletupela yabupuba ‘ you mean you can’t challenge your bosses to say the instructions you are giving us are foolish?’ I have always told you that Kaizer Zulu doesn’t have any academic certificates, but you have gone ahead to listen to him. Kaizer has just forged everything. The only true certificate he has is a birth certificate and he’s now waiting for his death certificate. And these are the people you are getting instructions from. And by the way, you should know at State House that we know what you doing. We have got people there and whenever you are calling the ACC to give them instructions, we also have people from inside there who tell us what is happening,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili further warned President Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu to stay away from his children.

“Kaizer nga niwe Chibola taufyala (if you are impotent and can’t have children), leave my children out of this. Those are decent children who have got a decent education and just want to earn a living by legal means. So I want the Anti-Corruption Commission and DEC to take an interest where PF is getting the money. Because what they are doing is only laundering, openly. I challenge President Lungu and Mwila to hold a press briefing tomorrow to tell us where they are getting the money. Because the kind of money we saw during campaigns really surprised us,” he said.

“I want to appeal to the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate where PF is getting the money that they were giving in the by-elections. Where is PF getting money to give all the bicycles they were giving, where is PF getting the money to buy all the vehicles they’ve bought throughout the country? Do unto others what you want them to do to you. When PF came into office, you grabbed all the vehicles from MMD that they were proceeds of crime because MMD was a political party which did not have any form of income. But even you, you didn’t have any form of income. Why do you have those vehicles? Where have you gotten those vehicles? Because PF is not involved in any business, the only source of income which we know is the K3,000 that members of parliament donate to the party every month. I was in PF, you don’t have any business imwe, tamushitishapo nangufye nichi bwabwa nangu ni kalundwe (you don’t sell even pumpkin leaves at the very least or even cassava” but you have so much money).”

He wondered why the ACC was wasting time investigating his legally acquired wealth instead of investigating President Lungu’s dubiously acquired resources.

“If we had a proper Anti-Corruption Commission and proper DEC, they should have taken interest to find out where PF is getting the money. That is how countries which are clean with proper Presidents, not ba President ba Chakolwa (not a drunken President) run their countries. There is just no way ACC can start questioning my savings for seven years to say, explain where you got the money that you deposited in your account. Mulefilwa ukukonka ba PF abakwete ama motoka (who have acquired vehicles) all of a sudden, President apangisha ama books yakupela ichalo chonse (the Presidents designs books to distribute to the whole country) with his portrait and you don’t question that but then you are so determined to find out how much I keep in my account. You are failing to fight corruption and money laundering openly being practiced by PF but you want to follow innocent people,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said Mwila was exhibiting foolishness by celebrating “dubiously won elections”.

“Chilya chi Davies Mwila chiwele wele, chipuba sana. Eh mulandu wine chalesekelela chileti abantu nabatutemwa so naba tuvotela (Davies Mwila is a very big fool, he is useless. No wonder he was celebrating the PC’s victory saying people have confidence in the party and they had voted for it). But you corrupted the voters that’s why they voted for you. And who wouldn’t vote if you had your cadres going around houses distributing bicycles, mealie-meal and chitenges? But let me tell you that 2021 is very near. So ba Mwila beware, nomba kaili ba Mwila bapuba nangu tubebe, elo ubupuba tabapola tabwakwata umuti (now even if you want Mwila he wouldn’t listen because he is a fool and foolishness cannot be cured because it has no cure,” he said.

Kambwili further said that the Zambians had nothing to celebrate on Labour Day because the cost of living was too high.

“Zambians don’t deserve to celebrate this day because they are not getting any returns from the projects going on in the country. We are dissatisfied as NDC with what Zambian workers are getting. The cost of living is also very high and some salaries are just insults to the Zambians. And if I were President, I would not leave State House to go and address the impoverished Zambians today. Country men and women, are you not worried with the status of this country? Chinese invasion, I feel sorry for the people of Zambia because the Chinese have taken away everything from them,” said Kambwili.

Kambwili also unveiled the NDC’s candidate for the Chilanga parliamentary by-election, Webster Katongo; a local businessman.