The newly-registered Democratic Party says it is in talks with former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba to convince him ‘join’ the party so that he can be its 2021 presidential candidate.

In a statement to News Diggers! DP spokesperson Judith Kabemba said at the moment, the party was on a vigorous party mobilization exercise under the leadership of its interim president Gift Kalumba. 

“The Democratic Party is happy to inform the Nation that it is forthwith embarking on a vigorous Party mobilization and grassroot sensitization in all the 10 Provinces of Zambia under the able leadership of Party President Gift Kalumba. The Party Secretariat further wishes to inform the Nation and to clarify some falsehoods taking rounds on social media to suggest that the party belongs to some certain members of society who are being mentioned and that it has just been registered when in fact the party has been in existence for a long time now even records at the Registrar of Societies holds otherwis. Note that we are simply revamping it and resuming the activities. However, the Party is earnestly considering working with any Zambian of good standing and zeal who can offer impeccable service to the Country and its people,” Kabemba stated. 

“In this vein, the Party has been in talks with Hon Harry Kalaba – the Former Foreign Affairs Minister and Member of Parliament for Bahati Constituency to consider joining the Party, contesting its internal party elections and if successful to be fielded as a Democratic Presidential Candidate for the 2021 General Elections. This resolution is anchored on Hon. Kalaba’s unquestionable record of dedication to duty and accountable leadership qualities that he has consistently displayed during his time in public leadership.” 

She stated that DP was convinced beyond any doubt that Kalaba would be a great addition to the party, now and beyond. 

“In this regard, the Democratic Party’s National Committee is convinced beyond any doubt that Hon. Harry Kalaba would be a great addition to the Party’s winning team on account of his vast experience in the political field. This conviction by the National Committee is shared by the Party leadership at different organs, the general Party membership and the majority of our Party affiliates and sympathizers. Hence, the party will soon be writing to Hon Harry Kalaba for his consideration,” stated Kabemba.

“It is public knowledge that Hon. Kalaba while in public office at different levels exhibited a sober and selfless character which stands on all fours with our Party’s cherished ideals of accountability and integrity which are key in delivering our Party’s policy of economic emancipation through protecting and implementation of women and youth empowerment programs, ensuring that all Zambians have equal and fair opportunities, scaling up local driven industrialization,” Kabemba stated. 

And in an interview, interim president Kalumba boasted that the party had grown so fast that it has caused panic among the PF leadership on the Copperbelt. 

Kalumba, a former PF Kitwe district youth secretary said more PF officials who did not believe in the manner President Edgar Lungu is governing the country would join his party. 

“We have a lot of PF members that want to see the legacy of Michael Sata to live on, joining us. There is panic in the PF leadership on the Copperbelt because we as a party are growing so fast,” said Kalumba.