The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has with immediate effect partially lifted the suspension of Juldan Motors Bus Services operation license.

This is barely a month after the agency suspended the company’s operation license for frequently causing accidents.

In a statement issued by RTSA public relations manager Mukela Mangolwa, the lifting of the suspension follows a report on the inspection that was carried out by the Agency in respect of the operator’s fleet and the re-test of its drivers.

Mangolwa revealed that in a letter dated 15th May 2018 and signed by RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko, Juldan Motors bus services had met some of the conditions that were set in the suspension letter.

Mangolwa stated that in view of the commitments that Juldan Motor Bus Services had made to fully implement the Fleet Safety Management Policy, the Agency decided to grant the operator a partial reinstatement of the Road Service license no. 0174866 (together with all the variations thereto).

“The RTSA has partially lifted the suspension subject to the following conditions: (a) The partial reinstatement of the road service license is only in respect of the forty six (46) buses that have so far passed the roadworthiness inspection tests as well as sixty two (62) drivers who have passed the driving tests; (b) The operator will permit officers of the Agency and any other person authorized by the Agency to carry out random and monthly inspections of its operations to monitor compliance with the Fleet Safety Management Policy; (c) The operator will be required to provide the Agency with weekly Global Positing System (GPS) reports to verify which buses are moving; (d) The operator will ensure that any additions to its fleet for approval should be in form of written communication; and (e) Further, the operator does not use any vehicle or driver that is not authorized in accordance with the RTSA approved list of buses and drivers, failure to which the operator risks having their Road Service license (RSL) revoked forthwith,” Mangolwa stated.

“The operator’s Road Service License was suspended on 26th April 2018 following a number of accidents recorded by the operator; among them, a Juldan Motors bus, Scania Marco polo registration number ALF 6760 which was Lusaka bound that was involved in an accident in Serenje near Kanona area, in which 1 person died and 31 were injured On 3rd November 2017. Another bus registration number ALR 811, South Africa bound was involved in an accident in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, 1 person died and 33 were injured on 29th March 2018. And within a space of 4 days another accident involving Juldan Motors bus services claimed 4 lives with several injuries which occurred along Kasama-Luwingu road.”