Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale has called on citizens across the country to participate in the “Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy Campaign” by taking part in cleaning exercises every last Saturday of the month.

During a press briefing in Lusaka, Mwale said that it was government policy for all Zambians to participate in the cleaning exercise, adding that businesses would be suspended up to 10:00 hours.

“Following the relaunch of the keep Zambia clean, green and healthy campaign, on 28th April, 2018, by His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, it is now a requirement, as government policy that all citizens participate in the cleaning and greening of their surrounding every last Saturday of the month. As government policy, the cleaning exercise will take place at the beginning of the day up to 10:00 hours. During this period, all businesses will remain closed. Further activities of social and entertainment in nature will also be suspended for the same duration in order to facilitate for this exercise. Therefore, normal business will resume. This means that official business on every last Saturday of every month should only commence at 10:00 hours,” said Mwale.

“I would like to announce that the last Saturday of this month, which falls on the 26th May, 2018, will be reserved for the cleaning exercise throughout the country as indicated above. Provincial ministers have been tasked to ensure that the cleaning activities take place in all districts, whilst all ministers in general, have been directed by His Excellency, the President, to participate in the cleaning exercise activities wherever they will be on this particular day. I would like to encourage all Zambians to actively participate in this campaign and call upon the media, from both public and private sectors, to support this noble cause by giving it the publicity that it deserves.”