In an unprecedented move, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has embarked on a nationwide tour of constituency offices dotted throughout the country to familiarise himself with their operations.

Speaking when he visited the constituency offices in Kabwe, Monday, Speaker Matibini said it had become necessary to see first-hand how the constituency offices were performing in view of the Parliamentary Reforms that the House was spearheading.

“The concept of Parliamentary Reforms began as far back as the early 1990’s but it is still work in progress. The primary purpose of this national tour is to explore the challenges and opportunities in promoting this concept of having constituency offices. Of course, we have an in-house committee that oversees the operations of these offices. However, I have seen it fit to personally visit the constituency offices to have first-hand information as to how these offices have been functioning,” Speaker Matibini said.

He reiterated that the constituency offices provided a link with the grassroots and should therefore, operate smoothly to ensure effectiveness of the Legislature.

“Constituency offices provide a very important link between the national assembly on one hand and the community on the other hand. They also primary house the respective Member of Parliament. It’s in view of this that we should have first-hand information on their operations,” said Speaker Matibini.

And Bwacha PF member of parliament Sydney Mushanga expressed happiness with the visit saying his constituency would go down in history as the first to have been visited by the Speaker.

“Mr Speaker, I think our people today are surprised to see you here. I am very honoured that out of the 156 constituencies, you have decided to visit my constituency first. To us, this becomes very historical,” said Mushanga.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube appealed to the Speaker to provide his office with a vehicle which could help his officers discharge their duties effectively.