Ndeke township residents in Ndola on Wednesday fought running battles with police over the poor state of the Chiwala road.

The residents mobilized around in the early hours of today and blocked the road with wood and tires, which they set ablaze, causing a serious traffic jam as no trucks could Nelhkant and Ndola Lime.

A check found irate residents singing songs of displeasure whilst others were busy collecting more fire wood.

But a quick action by the police in riot gear prevented the situation from escalating.

Police in two land cruiser vehicles, arrived at 09:00 hours, forcing the residents to scamper for safety.

Police officers then cleared the road and allowed a few trucks to move.

The residents, who had moved to a safe distance at this point, told this reporter that they were tired of living in a dusty environment.

“We feel neglected by the government. There is nothing that this government is doing for us. We have been promised and promised. Ba Bowman Lusambo came here last year and promised that this road will be done. We can’t even bath here. There is no point of us bathing. The only thing we can do is get sick here,” said Albert Chongo.

“If people call for a change of government and the MP, we should not be blamed. We have not seen any benefit from this government. All they tell us is lies. Lusambo told us lies about this road, two years now. So what should we believe in this government. We have had enough of their lies.”

Senior chief Chiwala has for a long time complained about the poor state of the road leading to his palace.

By press time, the residents had regrouped at another location to continue with their protests whilst the few trucks which were moving had police escort.