Management at Eden University in Lusaka has distanced itself from the list of universities that were banned from offering medical degrees by the Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) due to failure to comply to regulations.

On Tuesday, HPCZ ordered nine universities, including Eden to stop enrolling students in various health related courses, among them Bachelor of Clinical Medicine; Bachelor of Public Health, Diploma in pharmacy and Diploma in Environmental Health.

But responding to this development in an interview with News Diggers, Eden Institute executive director Kelvin Kaunda clarified that the institution had all the certifications required to offer the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine programme and was duly registered with HPCZ.

Kaunda also shared copies of the said documents with News Diggers for reference.

“We would like to distance ourselves from what was shared and we would like to indicate that whoever shared that information didn’t do it in good faith. As far as we are concerned, that information was even circulated on social media in 2015 and we have a record to that effect. So I think that’s the same information that was sent to you now,” said Kaunda.

“But as a university our Bachelor of science and school of medicine is fully accredited and registered with the Health Professional Council of Zambia and that can be confirmed by the documents we are going to share. We would also want to assure the public that we will continue to operate according to the standards as prescribed by the regulatory body and as the situation stands, we are in good and regular standing. We have no issues with regards to that particular programme and any of the health programmes that we are running, we are in full compliance.”