The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has challenged government to rehabilitate the road between Mazabuka and Kafue, saying the named stretch has become a death trap for unsuspecting motorists.

And CCZ has strongly condemned Mines Minister Richard Musukwa for labelling the victims of last month’s Black Mountain disaster as scavengers.

According to a statement issued by CCZ communications officer Michael Mazakaza, Wednesday,
CCZ general secretary Fr Emmanuel Chikoya advised government not to wait until lives were lost before repairing the Mazabuka-Kafue road.

“The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has expressed concern about the state of roads between Mazabuka and Kafue in Southern Province, and between Mwandi and Sesheke in Western Province. CCZ general secretary, Fr Emmanuel Chikoya, says the named stretches have become death traps for unsuspecting motorists and must be worked on as soon as possible. Fr Chikoya says Government must be proactive by treating this matter as an emergency and take up immediate practical steps aimed at addressing the looming disaster along the said roads. He says waiting until lives are lost in order to repair the roads will be recklessness on the part of government. Fr Chikoya stresses that in-as-much-as the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) is working round-the-clock to end carnages on Zambian roads, neglecting stretches like the Mazabuka-Kafue and the Mwandi-Seshekewill hinder RTSA’s efforts in ending road carnages,” read a statement issued by
“He says according to statistics, road traffic accidents in Zambia are ranked the third highest cause of death after malaria and HIV and AIDS. He says road traffic accidents in Zambia claim over 1,000 people every year in Zambia, and that lack of proactive approach by government to put in safety measures such as rehabilitating dilapidated roads have partially contributed to the number of people losing lives on the roads. Fr Chikoya says informed by the Church’s theology, hinged on respecting the dignity and the image of God in every human being (Genesis 1:26-28), the Church calls for development for all, hence the Church’s concern about the state of the Kafue-Mazabuka and the Mwandi-Sesheke roads,” Mazakaza stated.

And Fr Chikoya advised government to avoid implementing politically expedient projects like surrounding 10 per cent of the Black Mountain to the youths.

“Meanwhile, Fr Chikoya has described the Black Mountain disaster in Kitwe as unfortunate. Fr Chikoya says there was a need for authorities to put in place adequate safety measures before allowing people to carry out mining activities at the Black Mountain. He says the Church’s belief is that every human being is created in the image of God, which means every life is sacred and has dignity. He has strongly condemned the statement attributed to the Minister of Mines Hon. Richard Musukwa that the Black Mountain victims were scavengers and that people should not blow the Black Mountain accident out of proportion because mine accidents happen all the time. He says government must instead avoid rushed and politically-expedient projects such as the Black Mountain. Fr Chikoya stresses that the onus of ensuring that dangerous sites such as the Black Mountain are secured and not easily accessible lies on government, through the Ministry of Mines. He says all concerned stakeholders must treat the Black Mountain mishap that occurred a fortnight ago as a lesson. Fr Chikoya has since appealed to the government and other relevant stakeholders to put in place practical safety measures, which must be made public for scrutiny before mining activities can resume at the black mountain,” stated Mazakaza.