Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga says the current crop of politicians is too immature, greedy and only concerned about making money at the expense of the people they govern.

And Mwaanga has charged that Political party leaders across the country do not love Zambia and are aiding cadres to cause constant violence especially during elections.

Mwaanga told News Diggers in an interview that Zambia had irresponsible leaders who have made corruption a cancer of untold proportions, as never before witnessed in the country’s history.

“We have far too many immature and greedy politicians who think that politics is about making money at the expense of the people they govern. Politics is about service to the country and the people you govern without discrimination. Our motto of One Zambia, One Nation, has suffered in the the recent past, because some politicians don’t believe in it. For example, development is being promised to areas, which vote for them. This is a horrendous abomination and defeats the whole purpose of leadership. Take for example the Kafue-Mazabuka part of the Livingstone Road, which is also part of the Trans-African highway. That part of the road is a death trap and I cannot think of a time in the last 55 years, when it has been in that state. I have heard narrow minded politicians say that it will remain in that state, because the people of Southern Province did not vote for the ruling party. That is the height of irresponsible leadership which the country can do without,” VJ said.

“Corruption has become a cancer of untold proportions, as never before witnessed in our country’s history. The unspoken slogan is now “me, myself and I”. What a shame. The work of the Anti-Corruption Commission is being grossly undermined as public tenders are inflated beyond belief, just to enrich the pockets of a few individuals. People who had nothing to their names only yesterday, now have property, which their salaries and allowances cannot justify. Corruption is an evil, which is a huge cost to the economy and the public and it’s the duty of our leaders to show seriousness in ruthlessly rooting it out. Genuine Investors will not normally go to countries which are knee-deep in corruption. In the end, it is our people who suffer many of whom already do not have jobs and are only remembered in times of elections.”

And Mwaanga charged that Political party leaders across the country did not love Zambia and were aiding cadres to cause constant violence.

“The culture of political violence is being encouraged and perpetuated by cadres of political parties, who are being aided and abated by leaders in their parties who do not love our country. Violence is an enemy of the freedom and independence we fought. It is also an enemy of democracy. It undermines the rights of our citizens and irreparably damages the image of our country abroad. It undermines efforts of our public officials who are promoting investment into our country as well as tourism. It is a sad reflection of the type of political leadership we have today,” said VJ.

“When leaders take a zero-tolerance stance against violence, the message is heard by the grassroots, who are usually the elements who carry out these despicable and condemnable acts of violence which undermine peace in our country. All political parties have a duty and owe it to the country to condemn political violence in the strongest terms. When this happens, it will have a salutary effect on our country. This violence has usually involved the two major parties PF and UPND. The leaders of the two parties (PF and UPND) must come out very strongly against violence; and the Zambia Police must deal with these political hooligans firmly and equally so that our country and its people can enjoy the peace and security they so richly deserve.”