Ndola District Commissioner George Chisulo has warned NDC youth chairman Charles Kabwita that he will be dealt with if he goes ahead to lead protests against AVIC International in that town.

In a statement, Chisulo asked the NDC to stay away from AVIC International, saying the Chinese firm was merely doing business with government.

“I am warning Mr Charles Kabwita to stay away from AVIC International. This notion of the opposition alleging whatever government officers do during the tour of duty as corruption should not be entertained. Stop it because as Ndola District Commissioner, I will not allow people to disrupt the smooth running of the project. Mind you this contract has its contract duration, so any disruption of any kind I shall not allow it. Police will take charge of any disturbance of any kind from the opposition, take this as a warning,” Chisulo warned.

He vowed that he would not allow people from other towns to take confusion to Ndola.

“NDC should heed Copperbelt Police Commissioner Mrs Charity Katanga’s warning of not going ahead with their planned illegal protest against AVIC International. NDC should know that this business between the government of China and the government of Zambia. As District Commissioner for Ndola, I will not allow people from other areas to bring confusion in Ndola,” stated Chisulo.

“I will make sure that my district command deals with people who want to bring problems where there is no problem. As government, we are doing everything possible to make sure that the local contractors get their share of 20 per cent.”

But Kabwita insisted that the protests would go ahead on August 3, 2018.

“The protests will go on as planned. On August 3, no going back,” said Kabwita.

The National Democratic Congress has announced countrywide protests against AVIC, branding it a conduit for corruption.