Information and Broadcasting Minister Dora Siliya has asked the Independent Broadcasting Authority to increase awareness on the fact that citizens have the right to complain about various services they are not satisfied with.

Speaking when she toured IBA, ZNBC, ZANIS and other stands at the show grounds, Saturday, Siliya said citizens should not always wait for politicians to complain on their behalf.

“I just hope that during this show, you will educate people on the need to complain because a lot of people believe that it’s something that politicians should do, but I think even ordinary citizens have a right to complain about a number of things. I see South African broadcasting advertise something on Multichoice that if you have a complaint, complain to the broadcasting commission. I have seen an advert on Multichoice but I am not so sure if I have seen an advert that says ‘if you have a complaint contact IBA,” Siliya said.

And speaking after touring the ZNBC stand, Siliya said the K273 million digital migration loan, which was used to purchase outside broadcasting vans, among other things, was for the benefit of all Zambians.

“The investment that government has made was made for the people of Zambia and I think the people of Zambia wanted to actually see the results of this huge investment in digital migration at K273 million, and this is what we are displaying now that we have got digital TV1 and ON TV2. It means that the quality is better but beyond just better quality using ICT in broadcasting now from analogue to digital. It also provides opportunities for the young people to be more creative so that they can get better jobs, more wealth creation. And it is not just the results that they see on TV, we are also building new studios in various parts of the country. So we really want to take broadcasting in Zambia to another level to be international so that we don’t remain behind. Technology has now converged. Television is not just about a TV screen, it is about all terminals including particularly in the cell phone and we do not want to remain behind,” said Siliya.