Chilanga Patriotic Front member of parliament Maria Langa has described her work so far as exciting, boasting that she has already managed to fulfil most of her campaign promises in just two months.

Speaking to News Diggers in an interview, Langa explained that she had lobbied government for a number of projects in the little time that she has been a representative of Chilanga constituency and promised to do even more.

Langa also said the election of PF’s Annie Brown to the Chilanga Council Chairperson position had made things easier for the district administration.

“I am sure you are aware that Chilanga was being held by the opposition UPND for sometime, but now we have a Patriotic Front MP and we have a Patriotic Front Council Chairperson. We also have two councillors from UPND who are working with us. So in total we have six councillors and there are only four councillors on the other side. So we have already started working on the promises we made during campaigns. As we speak, I have already done the ground breaking for three new hospitals in Nakachenje ward and in Namalombo ward. We are also doing a clinic as PF in Chimanja ward, this is an area where there were some people who had started building and they left it incomplete so now we are finishing up the clinic,” Langa explained.

“We are also going to put up another clinic in Chimanja ward and certainly we already did the ground breaking for the project. And then we are also working on a school, because here you find that most of the schools are just up to grade nine and after that pupils find it difficult to go to High School in some areas because of long distances. Right now we are waiting to do a ground breaking also in Chilanga ward for a district hospital very soon. Another clinic in Namalombo will be coming up. So as you can see we have already started working. And knowing that I have only been in office for about two months, I think we are doing well. Because just in two months we were campaigning for the Council Chairperson so it’s been very very busy here,” Langa said.

Meanwhile, Langa described her experience so far as a lawmaker as exciting. She said the Parliamentary recess had also given her an opportunity to familiarize herself with the constituency and the people of Chilanga in general.

“My work is very exciting because I love to work with people, I am extremely excited. So for now its nice, and the fact that we are on recess, we are on break, this gives me time to visit the wards and the people. We interact and I ask them what is it they are looking for, what is it that they want,” said Langa.