President Edgar Lungu has asked his team to step up their game and see to the fulfilment of their campaign promises in order for him to successfully finish his tenure from 2021-2026.

And President Edgar Lungu says the mining industry has not stimulated growth in other sectors because it has been taken as a mere source of government revenue instead of being a development catalyst.

State House sponsored Smart Eagles reports that President Lungu told Kitwe residents, Tuesday, that he wanted the end of his term in 2026 to be resounding.

“I want to finish 2021 and 2026 with delivery,… and we can only finish the 2021-2026 term if we deliver,” President Lungu said.

The Head of State gave himself and the PF government a pat on the back by appreciating the hyper positive development trajectory the country has been on since the coming in of the PF government in 2011.

“We can develop Zambia , from 2011 Zambians can see what we have done.. This was the vision of our President Michael Chilufya Sata, he had a vision for development and that of a bigger all-inclusive party,” President Lungu said.

He said the party had no money to waste to capture defectors as such resources would rather be channeled to positive works.

“We do not have money to waste, we are not buying defectors. People are joining us because the party is one that is attractive and is working,” he said.

He promised that PF would remain an all inclusive party taking development to all corners of Zambia.

And speaking in Kalulushi district of the Copperbelt province where he went to commission the non-Forrous Corporation Africa Mining (NFCA)-South East ore Body project, Wednesday, President Lungu also said the NFCA is an example of a successful story of what privatization really is.

“Mining has for a long time been Zambia’s key economic sector accounting for much of the foreign direct investment. Since the year 2000 when we privatized the Mines, approximately 13 billion [has been realized]. Increased foreign direct investment has resulted in the revival of operations. However, it is of great concern that despite showing the positive future, the Mining industry has not stimulated corresponding growth in other sectors. This is mainly because Mining has been taken as a mere source of government revenue and not as a development catalyst. You must be assured that my government, our government, the PF government is working round the clock to change this situation. Our focus now will be on ensuring that the Mining sector could increase economic diversification and job creation. Let me assure all investors that my government is fully in support of all the developments which not only realize profits for the companies but will equally help transform lives of our people,” President Lungu said.
He said the commissioning of the mine had guaranteed jobs for the people of Chambishi.

“Before NFCA acquired the Mine in 1997, there was no exploration that was taking place, there were no job opportunities for the people of Chambishi. Slowly but wilfully the town is now becoming a buoyant place as a major Mine in the history of the Copperbelt. It is worth noting that the Mine has been developed beyond what it was at the time of privatization. This is one good example for a successful privatization story. We know that there are a number of privatized companies in which funds have been plundered…but this is an example of a good and successful story. I have already said that the life expectancy of the Mine will be 25 years, this means that for a quarter of a century, all things being equal, Chambishi is guaranteed of employment and other benefits which will come with the mining,” said President Lungu.

And Kalulushi PF member of parliament Kampamba Mulenga hailed President Lungu for his hard work.

“This means all the 616 tenants will not buy a single house but will be given for free. Your Excellency, because of your good rapport, because of your good policies, our investors are more than willing than ever before to help our small communities in terms of corporate, social responsibility. As area member of parliament I wish to sincerely thank NFCA for this and I wish to urge other companies to emulate them,” Mulenga said.

“Your Excellency I wish to also request that our long overdue Tati boarding school being the first ever boarding school in Kalulushi which we were supposed to have commissioned today your Excellency, be declared officially open. In the same vein, I wish to bring to your attention that the desks, the table and the chairs worth more K400,000 were procured once again by our good corporating partner NFCA through corporate, social, responsibility. Of course we are very thankful once again. NFCA has done all this because of the confidence your government has created and as area member of parliament   I’m proud to be associated with this development. Your excellency on behalf of myself once again and the good people of Kalulushi, we can only wish you long life and good health as we all know and believe that Zambia is safe in your hands.”