Former foreign affaires minister and 2021 presidential aspirant Harry Kalaba says there is no need for any Zambian to continue living with a tribal tag.

Kalaba resigned from his ministerial position on January 3, citing unprecedented corruption among government officials at the expense of poor Zambians.

He however remains Bahati PF member of parliament, who has elected to challenge President Lungu in the 2021 general elections.

Speaking when he visited Shibuyunji district where he went to meet leaders of the Harry Kalaba Movement and further interact with eleven headmen and some members of the public, the former minister said there was no need for Zambians to continue living with the tribalism tag.

Kalaba said time was ripe for Zambians to come together and bridge the divide that promoting animosity among citizens.

“Once given a mandate by the Zambians to lead in 2021, we will ensure that we embrace all citizens regardless of tribe. One one people, and there is need for all of us to treat one another equally. The tast to bring together all Zambians lies on our shoulders,” he said.

And commenting on the economic status of Shibuyunji, Kalaba said the district needed to receive equal economic development in terms of infrastructure development and proper support to the farmers, as agriculture remained the source of livelihood for people in the Central Province rural district.

During the event, about 15 PF members reportedly defected from the ruling party and joined the Harry Kalaba movement.

The state has blocked on a couple of occasions blocked Kalaba from registering a party on which to stand in 2021, but the former Cabinet minister has remained resolute that he will contest the next general elections