PF should leave in 2021 without fail, Bahati member of parliament Harry Kalaba has demanded.

And Kalaba says Zambians must not fear the Patriotic Front, but must instead make it impossible for the ruling party to buy votes in 2021.

Speaking to Chingola residents yesterday when he visited Luano area, Kalaba told Zambians to rise up against the Patriotic Front government in the next election, saying the people had been robbed and taken for granted for far too long.

Kalaba who is also 2021 presidential aspirant, asked residents to vote for him if they needed change in the way the affairs of the country were being handled.

“Kuno kumwesu, nachisa ndeenda, namona ifyo abantu baikala nati tamwaikala bwino kuno. Batila ichalo bapata abantu, bamwena ku nkonko. So kuti mwamona ukutila kuno ukwisafye kumusebo ndeisa, nokwishiba naishiba ukuti aba abauku balibasula. Mu 2021, ndefwaya mukeme chipipya kuno nokulanda ukutila ‘uno mwaka tatwamishindike, mwatulila masuku pamutwe pafula’. Apa pena ni tula twabane… mu 2021 PF kuya bebele, tekwesha nokubwelela iyo (I came to this place walking so that I can see how you are living, and I have seen that you are suffering. It is said that a country where people are not loved, can be seen even from chickens. So you can see even from a distance that you people here are not respected by your leaders. But when elections come in 2021, I want you to move in your numbers and say ‘we have escorted you [to State House] enough and you have always taken what’s ours but now it’s enough’. In 2021 PF should leave without fail),” Kalaba said.

“Just like you have heard, I used to be Foreign affairs Minister. But I resigned because I saw that there was too much suffering in this country, as you are seated here some of you don’t even know what you are going to plant this year. You have no idea how your children will go back to school, this is all because you have no sources of income. So me I have just come to tell you that in 2021, even I the son of Mr Kalaba will be eying for that shoe of Presidency. Are you going to support me? (audience cheering) You are the ones holding keys to your freedom, if you just open the door [by voting for me], even the fertilizer you are crying about will always come on time. If you just use those keys to open the right door, even the lives of your children will completely change for the better.”

And Kalaba regretted that the Chinese nationals were taking away the ownership of the country from Zambians while citizens watched helplessly.

He further asked Zambians to stand up for their country.

“You have seen that this country is no longer in our hands, this country has been auctioned to foreigners and then we the owners of the country are just admiring from afar. Stand up with me and other well meaning Zambians so that we can repossess the ownership of our country. The people doing our roads are Chinese, the people constructing our Airports are Chinese, even schools are being constructed by the Chinese. So what then will our own Zambian contractors make? We are just admiring where our own money is going. Where I come from they say ‘a community’s wealth is kept together with the people you know’. Unless the SIM card in your head is damaged, you cannot prioritise the needs of your friends child when your own child is suffering,” said Kalaba.

“So am asking you, when that day [for elections] comes, go in your numbers to make the right decision. Don’t be scared of these [PF] people, not even a little bit. If you get scared of them then you will be neglecting your country. If you start fearing the PF, they will continue eating while you will be suffering just like you are suffering now. The only things you will be benefiting are T-shirts and Vitenges (wrappers) because that’s how they know you. They think your votes are that easy to buy, but this time you should show them that the resources of the country must be shared equitably. You have been cheated for long. You have been so consistent in voting for these people but there is nothing that you are benefiting in the end. But are you also not people? Don’t you also want to eat? Don’t you want fertilizer and capital you women gathered here? So me I have spoken and this is where I have ended.”