PF Copperbelt youth Chairman Nathan Chanda has demanded that Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) hands over operations to government and leave the country instead of causing misery to the people.

In a statement to News Diggers! in Luanshya, Chanda who is Luanshya Mayor says it was evident that KCM had failed to run the mine.

“As Patriotic Front Copperbelt youths, we are concerned with the manner Konkola Copper Mines is conducting its business in Zambia. It is evident that KCM has failed to run the mine. It is better they pack and go as opposed to subjecting the people of Chingola especially the youths to untold misery,” Chanda claimed.

“It is uncalled for and we can’t sit and watch KCM subject our Youths to misery. KCM is proving that they have failed to run the mine.”

Chanda and his provincial youth executive who are on a Copperbelt tour of districts as part of the agenda for the PF Copperbelt Youth interactive meetings, said he was saddened that youths in Chingola had continued to complain with the manner KCM was running the mine.

“Why should it always be KCM? What is the problem at KCM? If they have failed to run the mine, let them just hand it over to the Government. Why is it that its only KCM that is only subjecting our people on the Copperbelt to hardships. Last time it was failure to pay suppliers and contractors which has continued, then it was the issue of secondments and now it is failing to pay for Electricity supplied by the Copperbelt Energy Corporation? KCM should stop arm-twisting the Government. Surely why should KCM wait for the Government take drastic measures when they have just failed?” wondered Chanda.

“They have failed to pay the Suppliers, pay electricity then what do they want? Does KCM want to mine for free? What is even more shocking is that KCM has waited for the Government to even construct the roads that led to the main mine entrance. KCM should be ashamed of themselves. Better they park and go.”