The Ndola Fire Brigade says putting out fires has been a challenge the past two months due to no water at the facility.

In an interview, Ndola City Fire Brigade chief fire officer Wellington Mulambo said lack of water had seriously affected operations because fire fighters had to first look for a water source before proceeding to where they are needed.

“Yes, there is a challenge of water. We work with water so if there are any emergencies of fire outbreaks, it is a challenge to stop the fire without water,” said Mulambo.

“So the big challenge is that if there is a fire in the city, we need to go through traffic in order for us to find water in the outskirts of town. We have tried everything but to no avial.”

He said his office had engaged Kafubu Water and Sewerage company over the situation but nothing had changed.

Malumbo said the situation was dangerous because if nothing changed, the institution would fail to quench serious fires.

But Ndola city council town clerk Wisdom Bwalya expressed ignorance over the matter whilst
Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company was not available for comment.