Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has tendered an apology to Kenyan Professor Patrick Lumumba who was banned by government from entering the country on Saturday, assuring him that sooner than later he will visit Zambia when a new government, with serious ambitions for the people, takes charge of Zambia.

On Saturday, the renowned Kenyan Professor was banned from entering the country on grounds that his visit posed a national security risk.

Professor Lumumba had been invited to attend a graduation ceremony at Eden University and later feature on a Diamond TV-organised discussion forum on Chinese Investments in Africa.

Commenting on the development in an interview with News Diggers, Changala said he was concerned with the conduct of the PF government because they had messed up the good name of the country.

“I’m seriously concerned about the PF government’s conduct. They have done too many criminal activities in our name as Zambians. They have messed up our good name in many areas to preserve their criminal conduct. I’m not very happy. Professor Lumumba is one of Africa’s intellectuals, inspirational speakers, ideological movers and a pillar for many young citizens who want to live a decent, positive and productive lives. To be chased away from Zambia by the immigration, by Ministry of Home Affairs, in our name, committing this heinous crimes against ubuntu, in our name is absurd and totally unacceptable,” he said.

And Changala wondered what security risk Professor Lumumba posed on Zambia with his intellectual mouth.

“I know they are scared of any individual who will come to this country to alert them about their bad behaviour, their undemocratic behaviour, their criminality, their corruption. At home, they are able to tame the people of Zambia in the name of public order act while they root the treasury, they destroy and dismantle democracy. But I want to warn PF, what goes up, comes down. Sooner than later the people of Zambia will not accept to be used in any way to protect their unbecoming behavior. What security risk is Professor Lumumba other than his own mouth? What security risk does he pose to Africa? Nothing. He is an African intellectual, anti-corruption fighter. And to embarrass this country is totally unfair,” he said.

Meanwhile Changala apologised to Professor Lumumba on behalf of Zambians saying he did not support government’s actions.

He assured him that sooner than later he would visit Zambia when a new government with serious ambitions took over the administration of the country.

“I want to disassociate myself as Brebner Changala, as a citizen in whose name Professor Lumumba was deported. And I want to render an apology to him as Brebner Changala. And on behalf of many progressive citizens who were ready to listen and learn something from him, we want to tender an apology to him and the Kenyan people that we do not support the behaviour and conduct of our own corrupt regime,” said Changala.

“If anything, its good that the government has exposed itself because what they have been reading or hearing could have been rumours, now they have confirmed that we have intolerant, repressive and undemocratic elected regime in this republic. And if he can accept my apology on behalf of all progressive Zambians, it is a disaster but I can assure him that sooner than later he will visit our country when normal people, with normal character, with serious ambitions for ubuntu and Africa, take over the administration of this country.”