Bahati PF member of parliament Harry Kalaba says party Secretary General Davies Mwila should stop wasting his time by asking him to exculpate himself because that will not change the lives of suffering Zambians.

The Patriotic Front disciplinary committee has summoned Kalaba and former party deputy chairperson for elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to exculpate themselves for alleged gross misconduct.

According to ZNBC, Mwila said the party has written to the duo and given them two weeks to exculpate themselves, while the verdict will be passed in December.

Reacting to the summons, Kalaba said he had not yet received the letter, but said if that was the case, he would only exculpate himself if Mwila assured him of bettering the lives of Zambians in exchange.

“I have not received that letter, but I have heard it [and] here is what I want to say: It is very sad that at a time when the nation is mourning the loss of a young life, a young girl who was shot in unexplained circumstances by unrest police, Davies Mwila should have the guts and the energy to begin talking about Kalaba Harry to exculpate himself. We are all busy trying to mourn the dearth of our child, but here is what I have to tell Mwila: if Mr Mwila assures me that the price of fuel will come down when I write to exculpate myself to him, then I will do that; if Mr Mwila assures me that my exculpating myself will help improve the living standards of the Zambian people and that farmers will receive their fertilizer on time during this farming season, then I will do that. If Mr Mwila and those that are using him assure me that they will stop brutalizing our children in the higher learning institutions, then I am ready to exculpate myself,” Kalaba told News Diggers! in an interview, Monday.

He said Mwila should stop wasting his time the same way he wasted it for the people of Chipili constituency.

“But if those things will not be done, Mr Davies Mwila should stop wasting my time! He should not waste my time the way he wasted the time of the people of Chipili constituency! The Zambian people are looking for solutions at a time such as this. The Zambian people are looking for ways of parents taking their children into school. We have got millions of poor people whom we have driven out of the streets and they can’t pay for their children in schools; we have parents whose children have failed to go into college and yet they have got very good grades, and it is true that we have got qualified students who have finished universities and colleges and they can’t access a job because the jobs that are available are for people that are linked to Mr Mwila and his people,” he said.

And Kalaba, the former Foreign Affairs Minister, added that he was busy finding ways of returning the country back to good shape.

“I am busy right now trying to find ways and means of bringing Zambia back in our hands and so I will not allow Mr Mwila to waste my time! And I even wonder what is Mr Mwila smoking? That he can’t even read the…in which he should be reacting to issues,” said Kalaba.