Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala says Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali must resign for reducing this country to a sector of shame.

In an interview, Changala said there was no way the head of the PSMD would instruct a Permanent Secretary to exculpate himself to a party cadre like Munir Zulu.

This is after Chimbwali had called Northern Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga and instructed him to exculpate himself to Freedom Sikazwe, Kaizer Zulu and Munir Zulu after he suspended his deputy.

Changala said this was a sign that President Lungu has failed to manage the country.

“This tells you that the governance system in this country has collapsed. There is no separation of powers and indeed there is no difference between the PF as a party and the government running the affairs of the state. There is delinquency. Having a PS reporting to a cadre is a breach of the Constitution. This actually tells you that President Edgar Lungu has failed to mange this country in a more reasonable and sensible manner. The PS for PSMD should not be allowed to continue in government. He has no moral right or constitutional right to stay in office for surrendering his office to PF cadres. That means that he is professionally incompetent,” Changala said.

He called for Chimbwali to resign and further asked the office of the public protector to take interest in the matter.

“Beyond that, that PS has reviewed the picture which is prevailing in the Government of the Republic of Zambia now that there is total confusion. You cannot have a permanent secretary who is supposed to be acting professionally and impartial to be receiving instructions from even a simple civil servant like Kaizer Zulu and later on from a cadre. That is total mischief and I know President Lungu will not do anything, he will not protect the people of Zambia because he has reduced this country to a sector of shame. And one day President Lungu will be held accountable for Reducing this country to this low,” said Changala.

“My call as at now is that that permanent secretary must resign, the PSMD PS. This case must go to the public protector for disciplinary recommendations. He is abusing his position and he is operating at the means and instructions of PF cadres. It tells you that he is not independent, he is not impartial and most importantly, he is not competent to perform the national assignment that he has been sworn to uphold. And the public protector must take interest in the conduct of the PSMD Permanent Secretary,” said Changala said.