UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the Patriotic Front is composed of brutal, corrupt people masquerading as leaders.

And UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says Zambians have ‘dununad’ themselves and are yet to see more suffering, unless God says otherwise.

Meanwhile, GBM says Hichilema is the only man who can look after Zambians because he has pride and cannot steal from them.

Commenting on the procurement of eight planes by government shortly after appearing in court, Wednesday, Hichilema charged that the PF was an irresponsible, corrupt and lying government.

Hichilema said there was no leadership in PF but only a brutal team masquerading as leaders.

“They are claiming that they will be in austerity measure environment but they are spending lavishly, what do you call such people? Irresponsible, corrupt and liars. Worse still, these guys are stealing from the blind, old people and orphans, social cash transfer. The good thing is that the people of Zambia now know that there was never any intention by PF to go into office to run the country for the people, they went into office to steal from citizens and to lavishly look after themselves. There is no leadership in PF. What it is, is a brutal team of people occupying public office, masquerading as leaders. And are we surprised? We shouldn’t be surprised; we were told the man has no vision,” Hichilema said.

He said the move by government to purchase eight planes only proved that PF had no interest in the welfare of Zambians.

“They are spending too much money. Now we have no money left anymore for education, for health, for job creation. We are in a crisis. And in an environment of crisis, they have announced, themselves, that they will be implementing austerity measures. It means they are cheating us [because] they are saying things by word of mouth but doing different things in deed,” he said.

“How can they buy new expensive planes in this environment? How can they buy expensive vehicles for ministers in this environment? How can anyone normal and moral go ahead and even buy now, district commissioners expensive vehicles which we have seen on social media? Then you must know that this is a government that has no interest in the warfare of the people.”

And commenting on the attacks on EPP leader Chilufya Tayaliby by some UPND members at Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Hichilema said UPND was a harmless and peaceful party.

“On the issue of harassment, first and foremost we were kept outside court very orderly. We were standing in the corridors of the court. To be honest, I will be lying to say that I witnessed with my eyes, I didn’t. The court guided on this matter we live it there. We are harmless people and peaceful; lack of peace is brought sometimes by colleagues on the opposite side,” said Hichilema.

Meanwhile, GBM said Zambians had dunanad themselves and shouldn’t blame anyone but themselves.

“Zambians have seen for themselves, they have dununad themselves. And don’t blame anyone, blame yourselves. They were singing that dununa song by JK. Zambians didn’t want to believe what we were saying, we told them that the PF have no vision. I worked with Edgar very closely but you didn’t want to listen to me. I told you that support this man (Hichilema) but you didn’t want to believe me. You thought I was just bitter,” he said.

“If I could resign when I was number three in that hierarchy because I knew that those guys had no vision. How can you go and buy a plane when Zambians are suffering, price of fuel has gone up, look at the Kwacha which has depreciated, that is when you now start buying a lavish plane? That is the problem of choosing a leader who has never had anything in his life, Edgar had literary nothing now today he wants to enjoy.”

GBM reiterated that Zambians were yet to see more suffering and that was just a tip of an iceberg.

He further said Hichilema was the only man who could look after Zambians because he had pride and couldn’t steal from them.

“Unfortunately he (President Lungu) has drug barons who are his friends. How can you have a drug baron as a friend who has money from drugs, so he can afford to buy even a small plane using drug money but you are using people’s money? Zambians you are yet to see. You have another 36 months if I’m not mistaken, to suffer. Unless God says otherwise, but I tell you, you are yet to suffer. This is just a tip of an iceberg,” said GBM.

“But what I can tell you is that pray to God that at least he can help you in one way or the other but we are yet as Zambians to see the worst. Hakainde Hichilema if he was there, this is a principled man; this is the only man who can look after you Zambians because he has pride. He cannot go and steal ka $1 million from you Zambians, he can’t.”