Renowned Kitwe Businessman Wallace Banda showered insults on Garden Hotel staff who challenged him to pay cash after his ATM card failed to swipe.

Banda who is a close ally of President Edgar Lungu and National Development Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme, checked into the hotel for some drinks and accumulated a bill which he could not immediately settle as the swipe failed; prompting staff to raise a demand against him.

But the move annoyed Banda who took the challenge as an act to humiliate him for failing to clear a hotel Bill.

In this audio, Banda is heard insulting the managers at Garden Court Hotel, bragging about his riches and how close he is to President Lungu, to the extent that he could shut down the hotel if he wanted.

Take a listen:

“Google my company you mother f**krs. Mulimbwa sana imwe aini? (you are such dogs) Kuti namilemba ichinto iwe Chi**la cha wiso [na] manager (I can even employ all of you together with your manager). Naumona abo njishile nabena (Do you see the people I interact with)? High profile people there, they were coming for me here. Atase! Ubufontini ubwabupuba (You are foolish and ignorant). Mulifipuba aini?(you fools) Do you know how much money is in my accounts? Atase! Bill ya K2000, tailafika na K20,000 (You think I can fail to clear a K2000 bill) mwebana ba Mbwa imwe, mwilambelesha (Don’t play with me you children of dogs). Banyinenwe ifi**yo bonse na manager obe, muleumfwa? Atase! (more insults). Do you know how much I am worth? F**k you! You thought I was f**king drinking for nothing? You thought I didn’t have money in this account? I have many accounts, how many accounts do I have? Imwe ba**kala, mulimbwa sana. Mufwaya ukusebanya abantu aini? (You stupid dogs, you just want to embarrass me).

What is Garden Court? Me I have been to Jo-burg, I have been to Dubai, I have been everywhere. I pay my bills, [and then] you come and embarrass me here? Atase! Taumfwile insoni so (Aren’t you embarrassed now that I have paid)? Stanyoko. You thought I was hallucinating? Aka kene ka Garden Court mwiswile (this little Garden Court that you have opened), you think it’s worth Emirates Hotel? I have been to Emirates hotel in Dubai where I can take a photo for US$200, I have been there. You mother f**kers you want to embarrass me here? I have got a company to run, you mother f**kers. I have got a company to run and I have to protect my reputation. So you want people to think that I have failed to pay the bill? Tell them that I have paid the bill. People know I have got a company to run and a reputation to protect. So people should know that I have paid my bill. You won’t defame my name that I failed to pay the bill, I have paid the bill and people should know. I have got money and you can faint if you saw my book balance. Card yandi naikwata indalama, fima machine fyenu efikwete problem (my card has got money, it’s your machines which have got a problem).

Ine Wallance Banda, walinjishiba (Do you know me)? Naba Edgar Lungu balinjishiba ine Even the President knows me. And when I die everyone will know. It will be in the news that Wallace Banda has died. The whole country will know that I have died and even the President will come for my funeral. I can even buy you a house if I just like you and I can take care of your kids for the rest of your life. So I won’t even forgive you. Your sorry means nothing. And [If I want] kwisala ino (I can close down this) Garden Court. Nshifwaya ifyabupuba, kuti naisa kuno nga nshikwete impiya? Panshi pano? Ine kuti nasenda girlfriend ku Dubai namushitila na motoka (You think I can come here without money? Me I can take my girlfriend to Dubai and buy her cars, so what do you think is this place? Muleipusha balya bene mutina abena (ask those same people you are scared of like) Kaizer Zulu to say ‘who is Wallace Banda’? they will tell you. Ask even the President ‘who is Wallace Banda’? As even the Kitwe DC Binwell Mpundu, ask them ‘who is Wallace Banda’? Don’t f**k around. You think you can embarrass me like that? F**k your shit! F**k that shit you mother f**kers! You have embarrassed me a lot.”