UPND Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo says party will go for a formality convention because it has already picked Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba as candidates for any presidential elections.

Matambo said the UPND was resolved to protect its national leaders from any attacks any cost.

Matambo was speaking at the UPND Kabushi Constituency card renewal exercise on Saturday afternoon in Ndola.

“So prepare to meet Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. Whether they like it or not. We are the 10 provinces have already decided. The PF should not force us to go for a convention. We will go. They will be shocked. But let me tell everyone that as the 10 provinces in our country, the UPND has resolved that our candidates in any presidential elections is HH and GBM. Whether PF likes it or not, they will face the two,” Mutambo said.

“Ala kutumpa (it’s being stupid), why should they want to bring confusion in our party? Let me focus on the lies they told the Zambian people. The convention that we will have is just for formality. Only other positions will be contested. President is HH, vice is GBM and these are the leaders for the Presidential elections. So bakose (they should be strong). Zambians are more upset with this PF. Just move around and you will see. Today we are at this meeting, just look at the people that have come.”

He said the PF should not be so scared if they have delivered to the Zambian people.

“Why are people scared? Why should they block us in everything? Ba PF should not panic if they have delivered. But because of failures, aba baka bolala (these theives) are now in panic. These guys can’t let go of power because of their criminal activities. They know that there next place is jail. So they will do anything to remain in power. But we are encouraged by the support from the Zambian people,”said Matambo.

“They will try to use the police. But again, we are happy with the police because they inform us. They are equally not happy with these bakabwalala. They will arrest you based on instructions to keep their jobs. The police are under pressure, but we understand them. They say, we are bitter, but look at how Kambwili has exposed them. Look at how Harry Kalaba has exposed them. Look at KBF who believes in PF, he is exposing them and he wants better leadership in PF than these bakabwalala.”

Earlier, Ndola District Chairman James Phiri advised police not to be used by the PF.

“I think time for intimidation is now over. The police should not think we can’t act. Every time they cancel our meetings and think we are foolish. I think let me arrest me now. I will go on with the meetings with or without the permits, just like the PF does. So there should not be selective application of the law. Why should we be intimidated everyday. We will not fear the police anymore,” said Phiri.

During the same card renewal exercise, 425 people defected from the PF to the UPND.

“How do we dununa revesve in poverty? That is foolishness, we can’t continue in this PF. Let them come and see us. These are just thieves that give us little money. We are now in malnutrition. We dununaned ourselves in the head,” said Cleopatra Mulenga who led the defectors.