Some Kafue residents, whose children wrote the 2018 Grade 12 GCE exams, have complained that there was something amiss about the Religious Education (RE) results which were marked ‘mal-practice case.’

Speaking to News Diggers! anonymously, the parents to said three schools in the district had so far proven to have the same problem.

“The problem was that the school discovered that almost everyone who wrote RE, no one has received the results! The [statement of results] were just written ‘mal-practice case’ now we don’t know, almost everyone who wrote RE. In Kafue, there are about three schools and that Nangogwe, Kafue Day and another one in Chiyawa; and we were there on Monday although we were told that we should give chance to the school so that they can know what to do and maybe try to follow up [the matter],” the parents said.

They said that after complaining to the school, they were assured that the matter would be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

“They wrote a letter to the DEBs (District Education Board) and so they were told to wait so that the letter can be forwarded to ECZ. So, we are waiting for that response. So, it’s everyone in the school; as long as you wrote RE 2046 syllabus, the results are not there,” the parents added.

And when contacted for comment, Chilala referred the query to the Ministry of General Education.

“The problem is that one, I do not give interviews on phone and then, two, the best you could do is to contact the Ministry of [General] Education Spokesperson. The exams are managed by ECZ, yes, it’s true, but we can only speak with authority from the Ministry,” said Chilala.