The Office of the fouth Republican President Rupiah Banda says it is not true that the former Head of State will attend Felix Mutati’s MMD card renewal exercise slated for Saturday.

According to a stated issued by Office of the fourth Republican President deputy administrative assistant Chibeza Mfuni, RB’s schedule is too tight to accommodate Mutati’s programme.

“The Office of the Fourth Republican President, His Excellency Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, has learnt with dismay of news items on various media platforms purporting that the former President will be attending a card renewal event that has been organized by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) party, on the 17″ of November. As custodians of the Former President’s dairy of all his official public schedules and appointments, we would like to inform the nation that, the former President has a very busy schedule of international engagements, between now and the end of the year 2018, to which he has been invited, to extent that he has had to regrettably decline to attend some of them. So it is simply not true that Mr Banda will be attending this event,” stated Mfuni.

“For avoidance of any doubt, Mr Banda is a bonafide member of the MMD and is a very well known, also it’s Former President and is, therefore, as a free citizen of this country, within his rights to meet with the current leaders of the party that he was privileged to lead, and or any other persons. On this score, His Excellency Mr Banda has cautioned the country, not to embrace the growing trend of toxic, fake news based politics, if our country is to remain united and achieve its desired goal of national development. We hope this puts to rest any doubts any misinformation that may have been caused by the false news that has been attributed to the former President.”