Power Dynamos forward Alex Ng’onga says his absence in the national team squad that is yet to face the Mambas of Mozambique in an AFCON qualifier, does not mean that he has failed to prove himself to coach Sven Vandenbroeck.

Ng’onga noted that Zambia had a lot of prolific strikers that were in an everyday competition adding that each player had his bad and good days.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! the alternating striker and club midfielder admitted that he needed to work extremely hard and prove to people that he can stay in form and guide Zambia to important victories.

“We are more than ten potential strikers for the national team and the coach will always pick the ones he feels has impressed him the most. There is no favouritism at all; it is just that we have good and bad days on the pitch. Since I am not part of the squad, all I got to do is work extra hard and book a spot next time,” Ng’onga said.

He also noted that the odds surrounding the AFCON qualifier on November 17 were not in any team’s favour adding that there will be need for hard work by the squad.

Ngo’nga who had bounced back to national duty under Vandenbroeck’s early days with the team underscored the importance of the clash and what the win would mean to soccer fans in the country.

“One cannot tell who will win because Mozambique wants it as much as we do. Our squad is a great one and I believe in them but they need concerted efforts with fans. They need to feel that we are all behind them