Eastern Province Rainbow party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau has condemned the PF government’s drastic drop in teacher recruitment, saying the area needs more teachers.

In a press statement, Monday, Nyau has condemned government for giving Eastern Province only 180 newly-recruited teachers, a situation he said was a mockery to the province because there is shortage of teachers in the area.

“As youths in Eastern Province, we are sad that government can only give Eastern Province 180 teachers against all the districts. This is a mockery because most schools have few teachers to which some schools have two teachers against grade one to seven so what is 180 because this will mean each district will have 10 new teachers, then they say they have done a job, nothing!” Nyau stated.

He remembered that last year, government sent 4,000 teachers to Eastern Province, but wonders why the figure has dropped to such a low level this year.

“Let them not lie to us that there is no money to pay teachers! Everyone is paying tax, and it’s those tax payers’ monies that is required to boost our economy like paying teachers. We need more teachers because to be honest, there is teachers’ crisis in most rural areas to the level where children get pregnant because there is no serious education system,” Nyau narrated.

He also explained that there is need for government to be serious because a lot of teachers have died and there is need for replacement personnel.

He also urged government to take away the 180 if they fail to add some teachers.

“If they don’t want to add teachers then let them get back the 180 so that we remain uneducated than being cheated! If you don’t want, just stop doing anything so that people know that government is not helping than lying to us,” stated Nyau.

“Since every view from the opposition the PF takes it as politics, now we will see them in 2021 that is when people will show them politics of their problems introduced by PF government!”

A check showed that a lot of schools have teacher challenges as some schools have only two trained teachers supported by untrained teachers.

However, even the same untrained teachers are not fully receiving their maize or cash by the community making them not execute their duties effectively.