Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says there is no president in Zambia but just a figure head in State House.

And over 250 AVIC International workers have protested poor conditions of service.

Meanwhile, Kambwili has demanded that fuel prices be reduced owing to reduced prices on the International market.

Speaking at a press briefing at his Luanshya residence, Sunday, Kambwili said all the nonsense going on in the country was because there was no president.

“If miners are sent out, who is to sort out this issue? It’s the president. That is why I say we do not have a president in this country. We only have a figure head in this country. This country is on autopilot, wait until I become president, you will see leadership, tested leadership. All this Chinese, Indians nonsense will end because imbwili ni bwili,” Kambwili said.

Later, over 250 AVIC International workers constructing houses for the Ministry of Home Affairs and Zambia Correctional Facility in Luanshya stormed Kambwili’s house demanding that he addresses them.

The workers have protested demanding better condtions of service and contracts.

“This company called AVIC is causing a lot of problems for us here. We are working with contracts and the conditions are so poor. What is the government doing to address this problem. If nothing is done we will not go back for work. We want decent salaries because of the work we are doing,” a worker complained.

“We are building government houses and we should be happy people knowing very well that government will take care of us. But what is happening is so sad. We are subjected to harsh conditions by these Chinese guys of AVIC. So today we are not working. We want someone to speak for us.”

The workers, who sang anti-government songs and marched around Kambwili’s residence then demanded to be addressed by him.

Kambwili said it was uncalled that local people could be abused at the expense of supporting foreign nationals.

“You see, these contracts are for the government. We are spending a lot of money which is just going to China. If you look at the salaries of the workers it’s sad. People are not benefiting. But you can’t blame the people. Just a few days ago, the PF were celebrating in solidarity of the Chinese to abuse our people. This is a warning to the Zambian people that this is the government that you have,” Kambwili said.

He wondered why PF was accusing anyone who spoke out against abuse from foreign investors of inciting xenophobia.

“When you talk about these things ati xenophobia. What is so xenophobic about talking for the people. Mistreating our people, we talk ati xenophobia,” Kambwili wondered.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Monday, Kambwili demanded a reduction in fuel prices.

“The National Democratic Congress NDC is urging the Energy Regulations Board ERB to immediately revise the fuel pump prices. Our call to down the pump price of fuel follows the substantial reduction of fuel prices on the international market. The people of Zambia are already feeling the debilitating effects on the increased fuel prices. The recent adjustments of fuel prices by the ERB has triggered an upward adjustment in food prices and other essential goods and commodities. The ERB should have no excuses in waiving fuel prices considering that crude oil has reduced by 20 percent on the international market. Oil prices have now hit about 60 United States dollars per barrel. Thus, the need to reduce the fuel pump prices is long overdue. The NDC further demands that Government removes middlemen in the supply procurement chain of crude oil,” stated Kambwili.