Green Buffaloes football coach Bilton Musonda says there were notable instances of bias from officials in the second leg of the CAF Confederations game that his side played against Al-Merrikh of Sudan in Juba on Wednesday.

Musonda said it was evident even to any soccer fan that watched the game that the officials denied his side a number of fouls that were committed by the Sudanese side.

In a recorded statement availed to the media yesterday, Musonda expressed happiness and satisfaction that his side did not concede in the draw that the two sides played out to.

“There was a little bias that favoured the Sudanese side but I did not lose my head over them. I also advised my players to simply play their game with hundred percent discipline. They ended up playing even better than they did in the home match of the first leg,” he noted.

Musonda also noted that his side had greatly improved tactically as compared to how the team was in the 2018 Super League season.

“My team has improved tactically compared to how it was during the 2018 super league season. Most of my players have learnt how to keep the ball and are making impressive judgement on where to pass the ball and how to finish the game with a clean sheet. It is something that I hope they will keep learning as we await to play the Arabs who are tactically great in the second round of the competition,” said Musonda.

The combatants will play CS Sfaxien of Tunisia in the next stage of the competition.